William Cuthbert Pringle

born: Sept 27, 1914, died: Mar 5, 1998


This page contains links to the various segments of his auto-biography, as well as links to his photographs. The CD-ROM from which this file was obtained contains his photos, as well as the audio files from his auto-biography.

Table of Contents

Autobiography of William C. Pringle


In the mid 1970's, William R. Pringle asked his father, William C. Pringle, to tape his autobiography. WCP made 5 audio cassette tapes, which WRP transcribed into a computer. After several transformations (which are described in more detail later), these files ended up in this format.

The result is that you can now read and/or listen to the autobiography. Depending on how you computer is configured, if you click on the reference before the various segments of text, you should be able to hear the original taped version. (Corrections may have been made to the segment, so the words may not match the tape exactly.) If you can't get the audio file to play through the browser, you should be able to go into the Audio directory and double-click on the desired audio to hear it. If all else fails, start whatever program you have that plays sound files, and use it to listen to the files.

The original files were created on a PDP-11 at Carnegie-Mellon University, where WRP worked at the time. Computer printouts were made, which WCP reviewed and WRP updated. In the mid 1990's, WRP converted the files to Microsoft Word and he and WCP began anew to edit the document. After the death of WCP, WRP printed copies for each of the kids, as well as Bob Sweetland, a long time friend. He requested, and received, comments and corrections.

WRP updated the files and converted them to HTML format so that they can be viewed using Internet browsers, such as Netscape and MS-Internet Explorer. He also converted the audio cassettes to digital format so that they can be played on a PC. Links were added from the text to the audio files.

Read the Autobiography

The autobiography is organized according to the original audio tapes

Tape 1
This tape covers the time period from his birth up until he started working at West Penn Power and when he met his future wife, Pauline Gill.
Tape 2
The first part of this tape covers some stories from when he was growing up. The latter part of the tape covers World War II, including the birth of his two sons (Bill and Tom), and the end of the war.
Tape 3
This tape begins with missing and/or expanded stories from tape 2. It then overs the period from the end of World War II up to the move to Monongahela (1950).
Tape 4
This tape covers the time period from the move to Monongahela (1950) until after the move to Paxfield Farm (mid 1950's).
Tape 5
This tape contains miscellaneous stories that covers throughout his life.

Photographs of William C. Pringle

After the death of William C. Pringle, his son, William R. Pringle, took his dad's personal collection of photographs. They have been scanned into his computer.

See the list of pictures