Bill Pringle

Greater Philadelphia, PA area,
[email protected]

Programming: Microsoft, Unix/Linux, C, C++, C#, Java, VB, VB Script, XML, XSL, Shell, AWK, Perl, etc.
Web development: Ajax, JSP, ASP .Net, ASP, PHP, HTML, CSS, Javascript, etc.
Databases: Oracle, SQL Server, MySQL, and others.


Customer-focused senior software engineer with experience in process improvement, O/S experience, large and small applications, software tools, web applications, etc. Excellent communications skills, recognized as a significant contributor to many projects, either with a diverse team or as an individual. Adept at mentoring others.

Career History

Software Engineer / Architect - Unisys Corporation, Blue Bell, PA � 1985-2009

Major accomplishments include:
Reduced by over 50% the number of help desk operators needed for a government contract using a $250,000 commercial package that couldn't perform as needed. Developed a series of tools to work around the problems and increase operator performance, along with a training web site. Eventually wrote a replacement for the defective tool that monitored a mailbox and validated the attached customer lists using database driven rules, allowing the number of operators to be reduced by over 50%.
(C, Java, MySQL, XML, XSL, HTML, CSS, Javascript)
Senior developer on a government contract modifying a web application that allowed about 7,000 shippers to obtain permission to ship cargo for about 100,000 customers on passenger airlines. Originally a research project, was converted into a production application and administered for the TSA of Homeland Security.
(JSP, Oracle, XML, XSL)
Designed and led a team to develop a web application to replace a legacy records management system for over 200,000 cartons of records with a growth of about 1,000 cartons per year. Automated many previously manual procedures including interfacing with external systems, which saved time and reduced errors, plus added many new features, enabling users to better manage their records. For example, with the legacy system, searching for records would take days of research; the new system takes only minutes and supports more advanced search options. Originally designed for corporate headquarters, it has been rolled out to 4 branch offices so far.
(C#, ASP .Net, SQL Server)
Technical lead for modifications to a web based facility management system that interfaced with various legacy facility systems, as well as its own database. Allowed managers to track facility costs by location, functional unit, etc. and compare to standard space utilization. Calculated cost savings for subleasing unused space, consolidating branch offices, etc.
(ASP, VB Script, Oracle)
Designed and developed several web applications to permit developers to collaborate on projects. Users could submit documents and permit or restrict access by specific users. One of these applications was used as a basis for a presentation during a professional conference.
(JSP, ASP .Net, SQL Server, Oracle)
Chief software engineer on team of 20-25 developers for an interactive community web site that allowed both individuals and businesses to create a web presence. This was pre-Internet bubble, before portals, blogs, etc. were popular.
(ASP, VB Script, SQL Server)

Webmaster 1993-present

Began developing web sites when Mosaic was the only browser. One of the first people within Unisys to create web sites, many were used for training and documentation on various projects. Later developed web applications for customers using JSP, ASP .Net, ASP, etc. Web sites are W3-compliant, accessible, and use CSS. Taught several classes on web development within Unisys.
Created and still maintains a web site for singer/songwriter Cheryl Wheeler since the mid 1990's. It is one of the longest running web sites devoted to a musician. Developed a content management system to enforce uniform appearance and automatically generate cross-references (songs on albums, albums with songs,etc.) All the but front page is generated by this system. Originally a fan site, it is now recognized as the official web site getting about 350 hits per day. According to Google, there are about 50,000 links pointing to the site. See
Created and maintains a personal web site containing his lecture notes for college classes, open source programs, and tutorials. Site gets about 30 hits per day, and has about 400 links to it. See

Part-Time Instructor - Penn State Great Valley, Malvern, PA - 1996-2005

Part-time instructor for both Continuing Education and Graduate School computer science classes.

Shortly after enrolling in the Masters program, was asked to design and teach a Continuing Education class for MIS students with no programming background. Taught classes while maintaining a 4.0 GPA for graduate courses. Began teaching graduate classes before actual graduation ceremony, where he was both the student speaker and a faculty member.

Continued teaching until enrollment dropped off, ending in 2001 for Continuing Education, and 2005 for Graduate classes.

Part-Time Instructor � Delaware County Community College, Media PA � 1983-1996

Taught computer science courses. The staff person who scheduled classes saved me for last, since I could teach any of the classes. Quit teaching to enroll in the Masters program at Penn State Great Valley.


MS Engineering, Penn State University, 1999, 4.0 GPA
BA Mathematics, University of Iowa