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This is a list of blogs that my sweetie likes

This is a good friend of both Nary & Marie' formerly SP student. Love her Dad's blog too. She is very down to earth and a wonderfully nice woman.
McAllister Party of Four
Karisa is funny and interesting. Plus you get news of the whole family. Elise rarely updates her blog. But there is a link to it from Karisa's.
Ryan Muldowney Family
My favorite Muldowney blog. I love Anne, whom I've never even met. You can link to all the other blogs from her site - she updates often.
Journey Mama
I don't recall how I got to this one, but if I had to pick only one blog to read, this would be it. She is the best writer I have ever come across. I want her to be my friend. Go to the beginning and read her journey. If you enjoy her, maybe we can buy her book and read it together.
I have some more, mainly LDS homeschooling a large family type, but I do enjoy them a lot. These few I've shared should give you a taste of my blog reading. Thanks for reading this far!

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