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In addition to being a FAQ/Walkthrough, the purpose of this document is to help you determine how best to recruit people for the RPG video game Radiata Stories by Square-Enix. If you aren't familiar with the game, it is a combination of Final Fantasy, Zelda, Suikoden, and a few other games. What makes this game so much fun is the large number and variety of characters that can be recruited. Unlike many other games, where the same sprite is used multiple times (e.g, all the merchants look the same), each character has a unique appearance, schedule, and abilities, and they are recruited in a variety of ways.

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[intro] Introduction

This page can be found in two forms: an HTML (web) page at http://BillPringle.com/games/radiata_checklist.html, and as a text file on http://www.gamefaqs.com/. The HTML page will probably be updated more often, and will always be the latest version. The HTML web page will include hyperlinks, so you can click on a link to find the appropriate section. The text file was created by the FireFox browser, which inserts hyper-links inside angle brackets (<#like-this>). To find that location with a text editor, use the search feature to find the target name in square brackets ([like-this]). The link inside the angle brackets will always start with a pound sign (#), indicating that the target is on the current page. The square brackets won't have that pound sign. For example, to find the target of link <#intro>, search for [intro].

If you are going to have an electronic copy of this FAQ, I recommend that you get the HTML version from my web site instead of the text file. It will allow you to take advantage of the hyperlinks, so that you can quickly move from one section to another. It also saves you from printing lots of pages.

Not all details of recruitment are included, but enough to help you plan who to recruit and when. If you feel that my walkthrough is missing some useful information, please let me know. There are a number of additional resources available. I have listed what I think are the best ones. You can also find some maps on gamefaqs, which might help you the first time through the game.

If you find any problems and/or have any questions, you can e-mail me at [email protected]. Make sure you have "Radiata Stories" in the subject. I get a lot of spam, and will delete things without looking at them if I don't recognize the sender and the subject line doesn't stand out as legit (for example, a message with a subject of "a question" will probably get deleted without me looking at it.)

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[purpose] Purpose of this Document

Although you can use this document as a walk through, that isn't its main purpose. The game is pretty good at telling you what you can/should do next, so a traditional walk through is less important. If you are ever in doubt, press R1 to bring up the map. You will see a green swirl where you should be headed. There are several places in the game where if you try to go into an area you shouldn't, Jack will make a comment and retreat.

The hard (and most enjoyable) part of the game is recruiting characters. There are a number of resources that will tell you how to recruit a given character, but not so many that will tell you when and why you should recruit them.

I also recommend that you buy the Official Strategy Guide (if you can find it), since they have some good maps, plus complete character and bestiary statistics. There are, however, a number of errors in that guide, and I will point out the ones I've noticed.

I have tried to keep spoilers to a minimum, but there are times that you need to know something else will be happening later. I don't explain the content of cut scenes, which should reduce spoilers a bit. Actually, the game is relatively easy to follow. If you ever get stuck, hold down R1 to see the map. Your current destination will be shown with a swirl. If there aren't any swirls, then you probably need to sleep or enter your house to progress the game. If you are in the non-human path after the split, try sleeping or talking to everyone in the conference room.

For each phase of the game, I will tell you what missions you will have, with a comment on what you will get from each mission. I will not give you step by step instructions because, frankly, you probably don't need them. The game is pretty good at making sure you are doing what you should be doing. For example, when you are on your first few missions, if you try to turn away from the path to your destination, the leader of the group will stop you and tell you that is not the way. If there are some optional side quests, I will mention them and give you enough information to let you succeed with those quests.

One of the things I enjoy about this game is the sense of discovery as I wander around the world. Even though I had the official strategy guide, I didn't use it to find all the items that could be found; instead I kicked things all the time. Take time to explore each area of the world. Talk to everyone you see. Kick everything available, looking for items. Try every door and see what's behind it. An RPG is like a fine meal: the goal should be to enjoy the game, not see how fast you can finish it.

I do give you detailed step by step instructions for the final dungeon of the game, since the map in the official strategy guide is confusing and has errors, and I haven't seen an accurate map of that area that was generally available.

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[gameplay] Game Play / Battles

A word of warning: avoid button mashing. If you are the kind of person that keeps mashing the "X" button (or the "O" button for this game) during a battle, get out of that habit. The problem is that each time you click the button, it queues an attack. If you kill an enemy and there are still attacks queued, you will either be swinging at empty air, or the target of the remaining attacks will be the next one in the list of monsters. That might be the one right next to you, or it could be the one clear across the battle field. If you think you are close to killing an enemy, click the "O" button and wait to see what happens. If it drops, approach the next closest enemy and press "O" again. That way, you can concentrate on the enemies you want to defeat next, and avoid running clear across the field, past a bunch of enemies, to get somebody over in a corner that you hadn't even noticed, let alone were interested in. ;^)

You will sometimes see one of the enemies with what looks like lightning bolts over them. This indicates that they are calling for more help. If they succeed, another enemy will appear and join in the fight. Since each enemy you defeat gets you a certain amount of experience and money, you might want to give them time to call somebody before you take them out.

The game has its own internal time system, which is roughly one hour of game time for every minute of real time. This means that a new day starts every 24 minutes, or about once every half hour. A 24-hour day is divided into day and night, with day running from 6AM to 6PM, and night from 6PM to 6AM of the following day. The clock has a sun in the center during the day, and a moon during the night. If the clock has a sun in the center, then the time is between 6AM and 6PM, but if the clock has a moon, then the time is between 6PM and 6AM. This can get confusing if you aren't careful. If you see a moon and the clock points to 7, then it is 7PM (which you would expect), but if you see a moon and the clock points to 5, then it is 5AM, not 5PM.

You need to pay attention to the time of day for a number of reasons. Each character has their own schedule which doesn't vary from day to day, until they are in your current party, or if they are involved in a current mission. Some character recruitment can only occur during specific time periods (such as when they are in their room, or at some other location). Some characters behave differently or have different abilities, depending on the time of day. For example, those who have either the King of Day or King of Night skills. One of the more interesting characters is Cornelia / Rachel, who transforms between a little girl and a young woman. If she is in your party, she will change appearances and fighting styles, depending on the time of day or night. Her name on the friends list is always where Cornelia should appear, but is listed as Rachel during her transformation.

There are also times when, if you enter your house during a certain time period (usually during the day), it will cause an event to trigger, which will progress the game. By avoiding your house except late at night / early in the morning, you can avoid triggering these events, allowing you to do things like level up and recruit people until you are ready for the next stage of the game. (And, when you are in your house, don't sleep, or that might also trigger an event.)

Monsters regenerate at midnight. Other things reset at midnight as well, such as who you have dueled, and some recruitments require things happening on different days. You can use this to your advantage sometimes. For example, if you need to talk to or duel someone on two different days, you can do it just before midnight, wait a minute or two until after midnight, and then do it again. If you clear out an area just before midnight, you can wait until the monsters are reset, and then clear it out again. Of course, that means you will have to wait until the following day if you need to do it a third time.

There are certain times in the game when the next phase happens when you enter your house during a certain time period (usually during the day). At other times, you need to sleep in your house to trigger the event. I generally tell you when you want to avoid your house if you don't want the game to progress. You can take your time to level up, earn money for items, etc. as long as you avoid your house during the day. What I usually do is enter my house late at night (after 10pm), save the game, and then leave to do whatever I want. A good rule of thumb is that you don't want to enter your house if Flau isn't sitting on the wall of the steps. (Of course, if you have Flau in your party, check the time instead.)

You will find a record player in your house, as well as in Fort Helencia if you choose the non-human path. You can insert records into the player, and then play whatever songs you want. Records carry over between games, so you only have to buy them once. If you need them in a later game, go to your house (or fort) and take them out to place them in your inventory. For example, to recruit Donkey (who has a very useful skill for you to learn), you have to buy all his records. The first time you play the game, you should buy all his records from him. The next time through the game, you can simply go to your house, add his records to your inventory, and talk to him to recruit him. After you recruit him, put the records back into the player to free up your inventory. You should only need to buy a record once.

Take time to explore the world. You can have a fun time just following certain characters around all day and seeing where they go, what they do, etc. Take time to admire the attention to detail that is throughout the game. See the section Easter Eggs and Silly Things for some suggestions on things to do and things to look for.

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[level] Leveling Up

Like many role playing games, leveling up can make the fights easier. If you equip a Training Device, you will gain more experience and level up faster. If you want more money, then equip Pluto's Trophy. You can equip two of either accessory to gain even more experience or money.

One of the unique things about this game is the ability to duel characters. You don't have to go out into the world or a dungeon to find a fight. Just kick somebody. If you kick somebody twice, they should fight you one-on-one. Some characters won't duel, so if they keep saying the same thing, try somebody else. You can only duel someone once per day. Fortunately, they don't seem to remember that you kicked them, other than a brief comment immediately after the fight. If you lose a duel, don't worry, the game isn't over, but you will have an HP of 1, so don't forget to heal (or talk to Miranda) before you get into a real fight.

When fighting in dungeons and in the world, you will notice that if you see more than one monster before a fight, some of the other monsters may not be there after the fight is over. If you leave the area and come back, they may re-appear. In general, stronger monsters will be less likely to disappear than weaker ones, but it isn't always that way.

If you do a lot of leveling up (like I do), then you can pretty much ignore all the strategy hints you read about for the boss fights. Just plow in and start hacking, telling your healer to concentrate on you if you take damage, and it will be over in no time. For really big boss fights, start with your volty attack and repeat that attack each time your volty guage is full.

If you don't level up, then links will be more important once you have learned them after your promotion. Using a link allows all members of your party to share the combined skills of everyone in your party. I only tend to use links when I need to learn a new skill or early in later games when my party members are still weak: I will equip Auto Cure or Absorb HP and link to keep my party members healthy. But that's me; you might like to experiment with links. There's no "one right way" to play this game; if you're having fun, then you're doing it the right way.

I like the Septem Cave the best for leveling up before the split. In the very early stages of the game it might be a challenge, but as long as you have a good spear, you should be able to get through that area just fine, especially if you have the "Prevent Freeze" or "Status Cure" skill equipped. The biggest irritant about the cave is that some smaller critters will sometimes attach to you. They don't deal any real damage, but you can't hit them while they are attached. Use the "X" and "O" buttons to jump back and swing your weapon, and eventually it will come off so you can hit it. So, if you think the battle is over, but they are all standing around doing nothing, try hitting "X" a few times and swinging your weapon. When you are in the second part of the cave, just before the exit, you will run into a large iceburg. Once in a while, after it is defeated, there will be another larva-like monster. This is the rare Killer Queen, who will give you a lot of experience, gold, and berries if you defeat it. Be careful, though, because she is tough, and you could lose a lot of experience and money if you get a "Game Over". Don't be afraid to use your volty on it. Sometimes, you might see her before the fight, but after the fight with the iceburg, she doesn't show up. If that happens, exit the cave and come back in to fight her.

If you are at a low level and keep getting killed in Septem Cave, then you should start off in the sewers below Theater Vancoor. That is a good place to kill a few minutes, and pick up some gold and experience at the same time. (If your party members keep getting killed off in the sewers, then clear out the bugs along the roads until they have gained some levels.) Once you are strong enough, you can do whatever you need to do during the day, and then clear out Septem Cave, and get home before daybreak to save your game.

After the split, your best experience comes from battling members of the other group. If you pick the human path, use the journey pig to the Dark Elves location (Mikey won't fight you, but won't let you in, either.) Travel east, then southwest around the lake, and then head towards Fort Helencia. You can then use the pig to get to the Goblin village and wander around there. Towards the very end of the game, the Blood Orc homeland becomes available. You can get some great experience there.

What I often do during the non-human path is use the journey pig to Lupus Gate, and then walk from there to Earth Valley, taking all the side roads. I usually walk toward Septem and Ocho until the bridge, and take the path up to the Hellforde gate at Radiata City, including the side path near Mook's house (Lily is at the top). Be careful when you run into Godwin and Fernando on the way to the gate (Fernando is actually on the bridge); their volty blast can take out one of your characters. As long as it isn't Jack, that's not a problem, so if you see one of them flashing, have Jack defend until the character is beaten or has used his volty. When you get to Earth Valley, take the journey pig to the Tria Region and fight the troops around there, then take the Pig to the Green Goblin village, check for the Dagol Turtle, and then take the road back towards Radiata that you didn't cover earlier.

I find the human guards quite funny. They seem to be enjoying the beautiful view rather than looking for enemies. Often you can walk right up to them and stand there for a while before they notice you (Lily is the major exception). But be careful, and don't get over confident. If you run up to them, you risk running past them, and then the game might claim that you were ambushed, so you start out confused. It is safer to walk up behind them, and either kick them or wait for them to notice you.

You will be able to recognize many of the characters you fight. If you are curious, position yourself so that the character you are wondering about is within the yellow target circle, then press the triangle button / select Items / Herbal Extract / Use You normally select a member of your party, but at the bottom you will see the name of the opponent, or if it doesn't have a name, then the type (e.g., you might see "Nina" or "Female Knight"). Remember to click "O" to cancel giving them the item (unless you really want to prolong the fight ;^)

If you run out of enemies, then go up to Wind Mountain and kick transporters and fight the few monsters there. The transporters will give you between 2,000 and 3,000 experience. You will probably want to avoid the animals on the roads getting there, since the experience is so low, and it isn't really worth the time to fight them.

That should get you a lot of experience and money. I can usually level the entire party up a couple of levels each day. Experiment until you find a route that you like, and then stick with it or mix it up every so often. Again, there is no one right way to play this game (which is what makes it so much fun, IMHO).

After you have won the game, the bonus dungeon is a great place to gain tons of money and experience. Use that time to prepare yourself for the Etheral Queen, and at the same time build up money so that you will start your next game in good shape.

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[skills] Skills

One of the reasons you want to recruit characters is so that you can learn their skills. If you link with a character that has a skill that you don't currently have, then after about a dozen fights using links you will learn that skill. When you scroll through possible friends to include in your party, if the name of their skill is in red, that means you don't have it yet. You can go down to the sewers under Theater Vancoor to get into a lot of easy fights. If you defeat all the enemies under Theater Vancoor, you can go to the Void sewers from their torture room (where Interlude and Eon spend their time), or from the abandoned building you entered when you lost the princess. Easy fights are useful since the character you are trying to learn the skill from is probably a low level character. Since the monsters in that area stay fairly weak, if you equip auto-cure on yourself, which will continuously heal your party members, the low level characters have a better chance to survive a fight. Links use up your volty charge if you are fighting low-level enemies, but if they are stronger, your volty level can remain at max.

Once you have learned the skill, you need to fight with it equipped some number of times in order to level up the skill. Leveling a skill up doesn't require links, any fights will do. For both learning and leveling up a skill, the difficulty of the fight doesn't seem to matter.

You can fill your party with characters having skills that you don't know yet, then equip yourself with Auto Cure and link your party together for each fight until you have learned the skills. Some skills are learned faster than others, so if you are in the sewers under Theater Vancoor, you can go to the first floor and swap out the character with the skill you just learned for someone who has another skill you need. If you run out of monsters in the basement, the enemies on the roads near Radiata are also very weak. You can keep this up until you learn all the available skills.

You only need to learn skills and level them up during the first time you play the game, since skills carry over from one game to the next.

The skills that I like the best are:

Auto Cure
You can learn this from Kain, Genius, Mason, or Stefan
When you start a new game (other than the first time), equip this skill and you will almost never get killed. You will be able to go into the dwarf caves on your own when a knight, and duel all the characters in Earth Valley. If you start taking a lot of damage in a fight, then run around out of reach until you regain your HP.
When you set up your initial party, include a healer so that each character keeps getting healed. This will let you level up your characters without having to spend a lot of time reviving them. It will also save you a ton on Herbal Extracts. If you also equip the Training Device, which increases experience, they will gain quickly and be able to survive on their own.
Absorb HP
You can only learn this from Donkey, which is why you might want to recruit him if you don't have it, even if you are planning on chosing the human side. (Technically, you can also learn this from Valkyrie, but that isn't until the bonus dungeon.)
This skill heals you about ten percent of the damage you do to the enemy. If you keep hitting fast enough and hard enough, you won't need healing very often.
After you have beaten the Ethereal Queen (at the "end" of the game), you will get this skill. It boosts all your parameters, similar to King of Day and King of Night combined. Remember, if you use links, it will boost your party's stats too. This is very handy at the beginning of the game, when your party has low levels.
If you don't have this skill, you can use King of Day or King of Night, as long as you remember to switch them when the time changes.
Full Power
You can learn this from Gruel, Fernando, Galvados, or Sebastian.
Equip this skill just before you use your volty attack. It increases the damage. You might also consider equiping your strongest weapon as well. For example, I don't tend to use an axe, but if I equip it before a Volty attack, it will cause greater damage.
For stronger bosses, you might want to use Save Volty instead so that you can use your volty more often.
Save Volty
You can learn this from Curtis or Gobrey
Your volty attack won't use up all of your volty meter. Equip this skill just before you use your volty attack on a very powerful boss that will require multiple volty attacks. That way, you will be able to launch your next volty attack in less time than normal. You probably only want to use this for weaker bosses, or if you have another boss fight coming up soon.
Fierce Defense
You can learn this from Edgar, Interlude, Leban, Leona, or Wal.
This skill will reduce the damage you take when you are blocking. If your enemy is about to use their volty attack, quickly use an herb to get to full HP, equip this skill, then hold down the "X" button to defend. You should be able to survive the attack.
I use this skill when battling enemies whose volty I know I can survive. (See Complete Defense)
Complete Defense
You can learn this from Caesar, Patrick, Franklin, and Grant.
This skill will reduce damage when guarding to zero. See the notes on "Fierce Defence" above. I'm not sure it works all the time; the message for this skill says to level up to increase probability, so it is possible the attack isn't reduced at all.
Status Cure
You can learn this from Ardoph, Flora, Morfinn, or Rika.
This reduces the amount of time that you are inflicted with any status ailment. You might want to use "Stop Afflictions" to reduce the chances of getting afflicted, but if that doesn't work, you may not be able to switch to "Status Cure", which is why I tend to use this rather than the other.
100t Body
You can learn this from David, Gabe, Jill, or Walter
This reduces the chances of you being knocked down. It will allow you to continue to attack rather than keep getting back up and attacking again. You probably want to instruct your healer to concentrate on you if you do this.
King of Day / Night
You can learn King of the Day from Elwen, and King of the Night from Nyx or Gawain
These skills increases your stats during the specified time period. If you don't have Tri-Emblem, then these are the ones you want to use. Just remember to switch to the other skill when the time changes.
If you need to attack a character that has one of these skills, it is a good idea to time it so that you fight them when their skill isn't in effect. (Fight Elwen at night, and Nyx during the day.)

There are lots of other skills, and you might prefer some others, depending on your fighting style. As I keep saying, there is no "one true way" to play this game. If you are having fun and not getting killed off, then you are playing it just fine.

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[weapons] Weapons

Like many RPGs, you have a selection of weapons you can use. You can also learn various attacks for each weapon. Once you have learned an attack, you always have it across all the games you play. You learn the various attacks by using the weapon in battle or by hitting a training dummy. When hitting a dummy, you can learn additional skills and sometimes items. Kick the dummy while you are holding the weapon you want to work on and you will be given a challenge (e.g., defeat enemy). If you succeed, you will be given a new challenge.

Note: If the challenge is "Receive no damage", all you have to do is run around avoiding the enemies so that you don't take any damage. (You don't have to defeat the enemies without taking damage, just avoid getting hit.)

There are two training dummies in the training room of the castle, two in Theater Vancoor, and one just outside Fort Helencia. If you haven't built up skills by the time you first get to Fort Helencia (the Crocogator mission), take some time there, since you have a healing spot and a save flag available. There are accessories that will allow you to learn skills for a specific type of weapon in less time. Once you have learned a skill, you have it for all future games.

Each weapon has a CP value, and each type of attack also has a CP value. You can select a series of up to 5 (combo) attacks as long as the total CP value of the attacks is less than or equal to the value of the weapon. Each time you press the circle button the next attack is performed. Unlike similar games, button mashing can cause problems. If you queue up four hits on an enemy, and kill it after two hits, Jack will still perform the remaining hits, swinging at thin air. In the meantime, another enemy can be attacking you.

You can change the weapon as well as the attacks at any time during the battle. At the beginning of a battle with a number of enemies, you can select a spear and use wide circle attacks that will hit a number of enemies at once. When there is only one enemy left, you can change the attacks, or you can switch to a sword or axe, and use strong attacks. Available weapons are swords, two-handed swords, axes, and spears.

If you plan on using a weapon type, you should fight until you have learned all the attacks, and then continue to fight until you learn the volty attack. You only have to do this once. Your weapon attacks are carried over from one game to the next. Since your volty attack is affected by the attack value of the weapon, always equip your strongest weapon before you use your volty attack.

You can sometimes get items during training fights. The one you should know about is the "Defeat a Blood Orc" during the Axe training. Sometimes the enemy will drop a Blood Orc Horn, which is a key item you need to recruit a couple of characters (Claudia and Zida). Since it doesn't carry over from one game to the next, and since you don't get to fight Blood Orcs in the field until later in the game, if you want to recruit those characters early in the game, you need to use this training mission to get that item and recruit the characters. You can repeat the same challenge as often as you want until you get the horn.

You can switch weapons, armor, and accessories at any time - even during a fight. When you equip a new weapon, whatever set of weapon skills you had set up for that type of weapon will be restored. This means you can switch between weapons without having to set up each new weapon. If you equip a new weapon that has a higher CP value than your previous weapon of the same type, you probably want to think about changing the order of attacks to take advantage of the increased possibilities.

[books] Books

In addition to individual skills, there are also skills that can be used to control your characters during a fight. You can learn these skills by reading books. Once you have read a book, you will retain that ability through all subsequent games.

At a minimum, I would recommend Cure Friend (Book of Energy) and Use Volty (Book of Power) for the difficult fights. If you will be adding weaker members to your party, then you also want the Back Away (Book of Desertion) command. The first time through the game, you might consider non-magic healing actions such as Circle Song (Book of Recovery or Book of Restoration) which will allow Jack to heal the party using some of his volty guage.

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[knight] Radiata Knight Overview

You actually spend very little time controlling Jack as a Radiata Knight, but with all the cut scenes it may seem to take forever. Don't get discouraged with the cut scenes; they are much less frequent after the game gets started. The first time through the game, use this time to learn the back story, and to practice the controls. The second time through, you will recognize people you have gotten to know during the previous game. You can't skip cut scenes, but if you mash the "X" button, you can cut short the dialogue time. If you are really tired of seeing the cut scenes, go read a book for a while and come back to see if the real game has started.

Most of this document deals with the game after you have been fired from the knights and join Theater Vancoor, when you are able to start recruiting characters. The beginning of the game pretty much leads you through whatever you need to do, so you won't need much help. There are some things you can do once you have arrived at some location for a mission, as well as some things you can do in the castle.

The important thing to remember is that whenever you have a chance, you want to level up your character as much as possible. This can be done by kicking characters to get them into a duel, as well as defeating various monsters in the field (or basement of the castle). Since the monsters regenerate at midnight, you can clear out an area, then wait until midnight, and clear it again. Most missions have a time limit, but it only kicks in once you have arrived and reported to whoever you were to visit. If you delay that meeting, you can prolong the time you have to level up. The higher your level, the better you will do when you start your own missions, and the easier it will be to recruit certain characters.

Kicking isn't limited to people. You can find items by kicking objects. Get in the habit of kicking everything and everyone in sight. You can find money or items when you kick things, but only once per game.

Part of the replay value of Radiata Stories is that the game has such a rich world with a diverse collection of characters. By selecting different characters in your party, the fights will take on different flavors. There is a lot of detail throughout the game, and a lot of fun things you can do in addition to the basic game. Look at the section on Easter Eggs and Silly Things

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[vancoor] Theater Vancoor Overview

The basic flow of this part of the game is that you have some missions with your squad that you must take (there are only a few of these at the start of the game), and you can take a number of solo missions. In general, once you receive orders for a mission, you are expected to travel to some location, complete the mission task, and then report back to Theater Vancoor and speak to Thanos. If the client is known, then you would usually speak to them before and after the mission task to get instructions and report the results to the client. Once this is done, you can speak to Thanos to get your pay and see if there are any more missions you can take on at this time.

I will list the missions in the order I think they should be performed, although you can accept them in any order if you prefer. You need to be a little careful if you change the order of the missions, because some missions are only available during certain stages of the game, and some missions will trigger events that might make the rest of the missions unavailable. I will usually tell you if there are any reasons you might want to perform any missions in a certain order. If there are no more missions, then you probably have to sleep to progress the game.

If you want to recruit Thanos (which is needed if you want to recruit Elwen and/or Nyx), then you must accept all missions and report back to Thanos at the completion of the mission. To prevent missing any missions, avoid going into your house during the day, and only save when you get there; don't sleep. Wait until 9pm (sometimes 10pm) before you go in and save. If Flau isn't sitting on the wall, don't go in. If you were waiting for her, wait a few minutes after she gets there before you go in, since she gets there a few minutes before 9pm. Don't sleep unless you want to progress the game. Once Thanos tells you there aren't any more jobs, then you probably need to sleep to make the game progress. You can do that right away, or you can take time to go out and level up your party, recruit more people, earn some more money, etc.

If you recruit every possible character (which takes at least two times through the game), you will be able to view a picture of the main characters. If you will be taking the human path, you probably want to recruit the guild leaders, which means you want to recruit all the members of the different guilds. The only reasons to recruit any of the farmers are to be complete, or possibly for a specific skill. After the first time you play the game, you probably won't want/need to recruit any of them again.

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[reqs] Recruitment Requirements

There are actually two different "Friends List": one you can access from the options menu, and another located either next to Thanos in Theater Vancoor, or on a desk in Fort Helencia. The one in your menu is the total number of friends that you have ever recruited, including all previous games. The one on the desk is the list of people you can use for your party in this game. So, if you want to use a given character at some point in the current game, you will have to recruit them during this game, even if they appear in the friends list in your menu.

It is a good idea to check out who you have already recruited every so often, especially before the game progresses. Go to the Friends List on the desk and click on L1 to sort the list alphabetically. Then look over the list of people who you wanted to recruit, and make sure they are all on the list. If you are trying to recruit several people at the same time, it is very easy to forget something, especially if you remember doing that in a previous game.

There are a number of requirements that can affect your ability to recruit a specific character. In every case, you will at least have to talk to them. You should continue to talk to them until either they join or they start to repeat themselves. If they repeat, then something isn't right and you can't recruit them at that time. Check all the requirements for recruiting them and make sure they have been done. Also, if the character is involved in a mission, they may not be available for the rest of the day. For example, after training the monks, you will have to wait until the following day before you can find any of them to talk to.

In most cases, once a character becomes available, they remain available for the rest of the game (or up to the split). If you try to recruit someone, but you find out that you are missing something, do whatever you need to do, then go back and try to recruit them again. There are a few characters, though, that are only available for a certain period of time, and if you don't recruit them by then, you will not be able to recruit them during that game. I will warn you (several times) of these situations.

A number of characters are recruited by beating them in a fight. In most of these cases, if you lose, you can try again the following day. You can continue trying until you win a fight.

The criteria for a specific character can be any combination of the following conditions:

Major Game Events
A number of characters can only be recruited after some specific event has occurred in the game. For example, you can only recruit Flau and Rynka after you have received Ganz's letter. Some of the events will always occur (e.g., Link Tutorial), but others may not (e.g., Nocturn's letter to Gerald). If you don't cause an event to happen, then you won't be able to recruit any character associated with that event until the next time through the game.
Time of Day
Some characters can only be recruited between certain times in the day. Since each character has their own schedule, this implies it will happen at a specific location. In this document, if the time is important, I will usually tell you the approximate time range, and where it will take place. The actual time may be off by a few minutes, depending on when the character arrives and/or leaves. The official strategy guide gives their schedule to the minute, but I have found a number of cases where I think the times are close, but wrong.
If a character is involved in a cut scene and/or the plot events, then the character usually won't follow their schedule until their involvement is done. Obviously, if a character is in your party, they won't follow their schedule either, but of course you have probably already recruited them.
Character Level
You can only recruit certain characters if Jack's level has reached some criteria, either absolute (e.g., level 22 for Lilly), or relative (e.g., no more than 5 levels below Jarvis for Jarvis) Some characters can only be recruited after you raise the level of some other character. For example, to recruit Cecil, Aidan must be level 32, and to recruit Godwin, Miranda has to be level 35.
Recruit Other Characters
Some characters will only join if you have already recruited some list of other characters. For example, to recruit the head of a guild, you must first recruit all the other members of the guild.
Sometimes the recruited people have to be in your party (e.g., talk to Cecil with Aidan in your party and at least level 32). Other times (e.g., guild leaders), you need only to have recruited them, but they don't have to be in your party at the time.

Sometimes recruiting will happen in several steps, possibly spread over a fairly long period of time. For example, a character will ask you for something, but you can't get it yet. You will just have to wait until the item(s) become available, and then finish the recruiting. In some cases, you can wait to talk to them after you have obtained the item they want, and then give it to them when they ask.

Some recruiting has to be done over multiple days, like Alba, and others you want to take more than one day, like Joaquel. Since midnight is when the days switch, you can use this to your advantage. For example, Alba hangs out in the Void Community area all night. Speak to him just before midnight, fight him, and then just stand there for a few minutes until midnight passes. Then speak to him again, fight him, and you can recruit him. For Joaquel, when he asks you to guard the storeroom, do that just before midnight. As soon as he leaves, enter the room and take all the treasure. When he comes back, he will yell at you. Wait a few minutes until midnight passes, then talk to him again, but this time stay put and you will recruit him.

You can recruit one character at a time if you want, but you will find yourself doing a lot of running back and forth. I get a lot of enjoyment out of planning how I can recruit several characters in a group. For example, your initial human party could be Flora or Edgar as the healer, and Cosmo as the fighter. All of these are from the Olacion order. So, during the morning, go there and look for Flora. Talk to her and find out about her father, then look for Edgar cleaning windows. If he isn't there, remember you have to talk to him later. Go find Cosmo and talk to him to recruit him. Run down to the clinic and get the picture, stop in Fernando's room to kick the waste basket and get the belt. Give the items to Flora and Edgar. You have just recruited three characters with basically one trip to the Olacion Order shrine.

Make a list of what characters you want to recruit next. Add any times of day and locations. Then plan your trip to get the most number of characters recruited with the least amount of running around. This is great practice for having to multi-task in real life.

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[items-magic] Items vs Magic

For most RPGs, I prefer to use spells rather than items, especially since spells are generally free, while items must be bought or found. That is why I include a healer in all my parties. However, after the first time through the game, you can accumulate significant gold, which allows you to carry plenty of items. With enough items, the need for a healer is lessened.

The following healing items can be purchased at stores. If you have 50 or so of these items, you should be fairly safe, especially if you can prevent status problems for Jack. (I tend to stay in the background to avoid enemies that tend to incapacitate Jack.)

Heals one member of your party of all status ailments
Cleansing Stone
Heals all members of your party of all status ailments
Herb Extract Max
Restores all HP for one member of your party
Recovery Stone
Restores all HP for entire party
Tsuchinoko Dumplings
Restores 100% HP and VP
These can't be purchased, but can be collected

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[party] Initial Party

In general, you should recruit characters based on which path you will choose. If you will be selecting the human path, then your early party should be all humans (with possible exceptions like Donkey based on skills the first time through the game.) If you are going to select the non-human path, then recruit and include non-humans in your parties as early as possible.

You can keep the same characters in your party as much as possible (until a stronger character becomes available), or you can select characters for specific tasks based on their capabilities (e.g., skills or types of attack.) I tend to keep the same people in my party because I have leveled them up so much, and so they tend to outperform any other character that might have more appropriate skills, attacks, etc. In general, you always want to have a healer in your party. The other two can be another fighter and a mage.

I don't find too much ailments in most of the stats ailments. If you are blind, you can still hit; if you are poisoned, you don't seem to lose HP. Other ailments, such as freeze and blaze, will do significant damage. In the beginning of the game, it is probably a good idea to have a healer in your party all the time. As your party becomes stronger, you might swap out your healer for another fighter. If you are using Romaria as your healer, she doubles as a fighter as well. When you get to the Ethereal Queen, if you on the human path, Kain is a good healer to use. For the non-human path, if you aren't using Romaria, you might consider using items and having all fighters in your party.

If you are choosing the human path, then Flora is your best starting healer. You will automatically have Clive, but he isn't very good. If you will be choosing the non-human path, then recruit Romaria as your healer. Not only is she the best non-human healer (IMHO), but she is a decent fighter. What sets her apart from other healers is that she will heal status ailments and low HP characters on her own; you usually don't need to tell her what to do. I put Romaria in my party at the start of the game, and she was able to hold her own up through defeating Gabriel Celesta, without me needing to issue commands very often. For really tough fights, like the battle with the Ethereal Queen, you will need to pay more attention and issue her commands.

If you find Romaria's voice grating, you can substitute Rika, but you will need to pay more attention to the health of your party, and tell her to heal rather than rely on her doing it automatically. You will also need to use more items, since Rika doesn't correct status problems.

A good starting party for the humans path is:

The first time through the game, you should pick Alba for your initial party until Lily is available. The reason is that Alba will steal items for you, and the first time through the game, free items is a good thing. Subsequent times through the game, you will have enough money to buy whatever you need.

For the non-human path, a good starting party is:

You probably want to "trade up" as stronger characters become available. At first glance, it might look like your current characters are the best available because you have leveled them up so much. However, you should consider the strength and defense of the characters, and the type and strength of any spells, rather than just HP.

Once Aidan reaches level 32, you can swap him out for his father, Cecil. I kept Lily in as the fighter up until I had Elwen and Nyx, and she held her own. You might want to replace the mage with Gerald when you recruit him (if you can stand him saying "What's wrong?" over and over).

Certainly when you get the heads of the guilds, you want to replace most of your party with them. If you are going to take the human path, you should at least recruit Elwen and Kain, who are the best fighter and healer available within the first part of the game. This means you want to recruit all of Theater Vancoor and all of the Olacion Order. Nyx is a nice addition, but not essential; you could probably keep your best fighter to round off the party. The reason for this is that in the post-game dungeon you will get Valkyrie; you probably want to replace that character with her. If you want Nyx, however, you need to recruit all members of all the guilds, since you need to have recruited the entire Void community, and speak to Nyx with Elwen, Kain, and Curtis in your party to get him to join. This means that you not only have to recruit all of Vancoor and Olacion in order to get Elwen and Kain, but all four guilds if you also want to get Nyx.

If you are unable to recruit Elwen, try Kain, Fernando, and Nocturne (who will steal lots of useful stuff). When you get Valkyrie, put her in place of Nocturen. (Fernado is a better fighter than Nocturen, and his Volty is much stronger as well.)

For the non-human path, put can Gil in your party as soon as you recruit him (which is after the split). He is already at a pretty good level, and he has an attack that hits multiple enemies. Frankly, Martinez is as good a fighter, and at level 99, Martinez has a higher HP, Strength, and Defense than Gil, who is only better in Evade and Luck. When you recruit JJ, you might want to include him as well (although I prefer to keep Gil or Martinez). Ganz has to be in your final party, but he isn't available until later in the game. You can either take time to level him up when you get the chance, or you can just ignore him and basically fight with three characters.

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[presplit] Before the Split

This section deals with the initial part of the game. You will do the following tasks, regardless of which path you will be taking after the split.

[start] Start of Game

At the very beginning of the game, it is mostly cut scenes, with some minimal ability to control Jack. Sit back and enjoy the movie; it will explain the back story. The next time you play this game, you will recognize most of the characters in the selection tournament.

You can't win the fight with Ridley, so don't bother trying. If you put up enough of a fight, you will see her use her volty command. You will eventually get accepted by the Knights and placed in the Rose Cochon (French for Pink Pig) Squad with Ganz and Ridley.

Later in the game, if you select the non-human path, Ganz and Ridley will at times be able to appear in your party (actually, be required to be in your party), but Ridley won't be in the final battle, so don't bother spending a lot of time leveling her up, or get too attached to how she fights.

When you finally get control again, you will be in your room. Save your game. You don't want to go through all those cut scenes again if something goes wrong.

Your first task is to go to a meeting on the third floor. But it is best to take a detour before you get there. When you leave your room, head east. When you get to the stairs, keep going. When you get to a guard, take the door just to the east of him. This is towards the training room. Just before the training room is a storage room. Kick things in the room until you find the Knights Edge in the locker at the rear of the room, which is a much better sword than you have now. You won't be able to buy any weapons until you get part way through your first mission to Earth Valley. If you try to wander too much, Jack will remind you. (This is typical throughout the game, when there is a specific task to be done.) You can press the R1 button to see the map if you get lost.

A good habit to get into is to press R1 to look at the map. It will show you where you are (sort of), where any save points might be, as well as a swirl to indicate your destination. If you are in a building or dungeon, you can use the up and down buttons on the D-pad (directional pad) to see the other floors. The map is very handy, but it seems to be a bit off. If you compare your location on the map with your location in the world, there seems to be some differences.

When you get to the meeting room, another set of cut scenes will take over. There is no way to cancel a cut scene, but if you click "X" during a dialog, it will cancel the rest of the dialog. So, if you keep mashing the "X" button, you will reduce the total time a bit.

When all the cut scenes are over, you will get some training from Ganz (if this is the first time you played the game.) followed by some more cut scenes. (The number of cut scenes gets much less further into the game. Don't get too discouraged at this point.) Eventually you will be starting off on your first mission. You won't be able to explore the castle much until you get back.

You will be given some missions to accomplish:

Escort a Dwarf
This mission will take you to the Dwarf Village in Earth Valley.
If this is not the first time you have played the game, I suggest you equip the Feathered Earring and Training Device accessories, as well as the Tri-Emblem Skill. Also, assuming you learned all the weapon skills, set up your attack combinations to take advantage of the stronger attacks (they take more CP). If your HP starts to drop, then equip the Auto-Cure skill long enough to get full HP again. But since your HP is restored each time you level up, between the tri-emblem and training device, your HP should never get low. You should also take all the berries that you bought in the previous game, and adjust your weapon skills to suit your fighting style.
This is the first real chance you get to fight and level up. Take your time getting there, fighting everything you can. If you come across some people, you can kick them to duel them. If you lose a duel, don't forget to heal before you get into another fight, since your HP will only be 1.
Once you get to Earth Valley, go to the large gold building, talk to the dwarf, and then save your game at the Inn. Visit the pub to get a solo mission and earn an item. Talk to the bartender, agree to help, visit the bar when it is closed, and go back and talk to the bartender. When asked, be honest. Also, make sure you kick things in the blacksmith Gehrmann's room until you find a Mystery Berry.
You can spend as much time as you want leveling up at this point, as long as you don't sleep. If you have the money, buy the Aqua Blade sword, which has more attack power. You should start out by dueling the shop owners. The blacksmiths and miners are much stronger. If you are brave (or already have the Auto Cure Skill), you can wander into the Dwarf Caves and gain some experience. There is a time limit, but don't worry about it too much. When the time comes, Ganz will tell you that the goods are ready, and cut scenes will take over until you are outside.
After your first game, there is a great way to level up in the early parts of the game: equip the Tri-Emblem skill and the Training Device accessory. The Tri-Emblem increases all your stats, and the Training Device increases your experiencer points. (If you equip two Training Devices, you will get even more experience.) With this set up, you should be able to duel just about anyone. If your HP gets low, then just equip Auto Cure status and run around for a while avoiding getting hit until your HP is back up. If you got the Tri-Emblem skill, you probably want to keep that equipped most of the time, and only switch to Auto Cure if your HP gets low. You can stretch this mission out almost indefinitely if you don't sleep or talk to Ridley and Ganz.
When you get back to the Castle, you can wander around kicking things. Make sure you get the Knight's Edge sword in the locker next to the training room (if you didn't earlier), and the Strength Berry in the sub-basement "Path of the Spider".
When you have done everything you want to get done, or you get bored, you can sleep to progress the story.
Deliver a Letter
You will be asked to deliver a letter to the leader of the Light Elves. You will be told to meet with Genius, who is on the way there. Genius will be in your party, but you can't recruit him until much later on the human path.
Before you get to Fort Helencia, you will pass a path that branches off away from the screen. Follow it to a tree and kick it for a Celestial Nectar. This is the Ressan Tree. It sppears on the world map, and is mentioned several times during the game.
After you pass through Fort Helencia, double back. There is a recover spot, another Knight Edge in a chest (in case you ignored my two earlier suggestions), a training dummy, and a guy selling items. If you haven't mastered all the weapon skills yet, take some time to do that now, using the free recover spot as needed.
When you get to the Dark Elf village and have delivered your message, talk to Ganz while he is standing near the cellar to get some money. Talk to Chatt, and answer "Rich", "No way!", "Master Cook", and "Veggie Soup".
Most of the elves are magic casters, so when dueling them, keep hitting them so they can't cast their spells. A few fight like monks, so be prepared for a good battle from them. You can't recruit anyone at this point in the game, so don't bother trying.
This is also the mission that causes you to get fired from the Knights and sets up the plot for the split later in the game.
As usual, sleep when you are ready to progress the game.

Once you get back from your first missions, you can explore the castle kicking things to find items, but the most important ones are the Knight Edge in the locker near the training area (if you didn't get it earlier), and the strength berry at the end of "The Path of the Spider" in the sub-basement of the castle. Don't forget to kick everyone in sight so you can level up by dueling people. Even characters you think won't be much of a challenge can be a surprise. If you kick one of the little kids in the castle, they will call some guards to fight you. (See if you can find the ghost.) When you start to get bored, you can do a few solo missions you can take before progressing the game.

Follow Al
At some point after your second mission, when you leave your room you will run into Al, who is acting strange. (Well, stranger than normal.) Follow him west and down the stairs to the next door. (These are the same stairs that lead to the Path of the Spider). Go into the dungeon for a cut scene; you can then leave. If you don't see Al, then go to the dungeon yourself and see if you can trigger the cut scene.
Visit the Item Shop
Before you progress the game, visit the store room (item shop) to get another solo mission. This is a mini-quest which will have you taking a tour of the castle, trying to find Leonard.

When you get strong or bored enough, sleep in your room to progress the game. This is a normal way to progress this game. If it doesn't work, try sleeping again. Some things take several days before they trigger.

The game will progress by Ganz visiting you in your room. Just watch a series of cut scenes and save if you ever see a small blue flag. (This is another good general rule to follow.) The blue flags are temporary ones that appear at special points in the game. The first fight with Jarvis will be very easy (he only has a small percentage of his HP remaining). The fight with Gerald you can't win, so don't worry.

After another series of cut scenes, you will end back at Theater Vancoor and get assigned to a squad led by (you guessed it?) Jarvis. You will have to fight Daniel. He isn't very strong, and his HP is only around 300, so you shouldn't have any trouble, assuming you did at least some leveling up. I tried to not fight back, and it took close to a half hour for Daniel to finally beat Jack, which resulted in "Game Over".

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[friends] Friends List Created

The beginning of the recruitment period starts when Clive shows up and writes his name on your Friends List. You can then recruit a number of humans in Radiata City, as well as farmers and some non-humans (e.g., dark elves). The complete list of characters you can recruit at this time are listed below. The earlier you recruit a character and put them in your party, the higher level they will be later in the game. For example, when you first recruit Aidan, he isn't very useful, but as he gains levels, he becomes a decent mage.

You can't start recruiting characters until Clive turns up and writes his name in your Friends List. Clive is recruited automatically, and signals the start of the recruitment process. Work on getting your starting party first. Once you are happy with your party, you can work on recruiting the other characters. Most of the characters in this group can be recruited at any time, even towards the end of the game, so it isn't imperative that you recruit them now, but it is best to get them out of the way before you forget about them.

Once Clive has joined, you can continue to recruit people for about a day and a half, at which time you will be sucked into the Crocogator mission automatically. However, once you start on that mission, you can still take some time to recruit people, and wander around and level up. You will only have Jack and Jarvis in your party, however.

You won't be able to use any of the people you recruit until you get some solo jobs, which will be after you return from the Crocogator mission.

If you are going to take the non-human path, I suggest you buy weapons and armor and then sleep to force the Crocogator mission. This is because when you finish that mission, you will be able to use the journey pigs to move around quickly. You will still need to walk to the Dark Elf village, (I suggest you do that with Jarvis on your way to the Crocogator mission) but then you can warp back using the pig.

You might want to start out by buying better armor and weapons, buy and read some books so you can give commands to your party, and probably get some cure items if this is your first time.

The Dead End Armory in the Void Community has the Wind Garb, which is the best armor until you get the Recruitment Suit. Buy that and the best weapon you can afford. I usually get the Brionac spear from Dead End.

I find a spear to be very good when fighting groups of monsters, since you can use a wide sweep and hit multiple enemies with one swing. For boss fights, I tend to use the sword, but you might want to experiment with other weapons to see which ones best fit your fighting style.

When choosing weapons, don't concentrate strictly on the attack value, but look at the side effects as well. A weapon that causes some status affliction can, in the long run, do more damage than a weapon that has a higher attack value but no side effect. This is especially true for afflictions such as petrify, which takes the enemy completely out of the battle for a while as you continue to hit them, and poison, which will continue to drain HP from the enemy. In fact, once you have poisoned an enemy, you might want to go and attack a different one, and let that one die a slow and painful death. I have used the Rune Sword (which isn't very powerful) to beat Gerald and Elwen because they never got to use the volty attack since they were petrified.

Another factor to weapons is the types of attacks that you use. Some attacks will affect all enemies within a certain area. This makes it easy to get rid of a bunch of enemies in short time. You can switch weapons and/or attacks several times in the middle of a battle, so if one approach isn't working, try either a different set of attacks, or a different weapon. For example, you can start with a lance and wide swing (like wild spin) at the beginning of a battle. Then, once you have a single strong enemy left, you can switch to more powerful attacks, or knockdown type attacks. I usually keep the lance / spear set up for attacks that affect multiple enemies, and then switch to a sword once there are a few enemies.

The first time through the game, as soon as you have a few people recruited, wander around the basement of Vancoor until you find the feathered earring. The basement can be very confusing, since the names of the passage ways are pretty much all the same, and many of them look like others. It is important to understand that there are two large square rooms with paths along the walls. Once you find the altar that is off the first square walkway (follow Elwen or Alicia to find it), walk east from that entrance and through the door (it is the only one that doesn't go back to the exit.) Follow the path and open the chest. Equip this item and you can move very fast. This will let you get to and from places in far less time. If you played the game before, it should still be in your inventory, so you can just equip it.

At some point in the game, you will have to decide on the human or non-human path. Once this choice is made, no characters in the other group can be recruited, and none of the other type that you recruited in this game will be available. Remember this before you spend a lot of time to build up a character that you will later lose.

Once the game is over, there is a bonus dungeon where you can recruit an additional character. She will only be available during post-game events, but she is a great fighter and will join at a high level.

Even though a character may be unavailable later in the game, there are still times when you might want to recruit them. This is especially true the first time you play the game and are trying to learn skills. (Once you learn a skill, it will be available for all subsequent games.) For example, Donkey is the only character available at the start of the game that has the "Absorb HP" skill. This is a very useful skill to have, especially since Auto-Cure isn't available until much later, so you should think about recruiting him and using him long enough to learn that skill.

While you are recruiting people, you will be required to go on a few missions with your squad. Normally, you will have some time between missions when you can recruit characters, but you can often do some recruting while you are on the mission as well. For example, during the Crocogator Mission, you will be able to travel anywhere and recruit characters before you encounter a Crocogator. If you get into any fights, you will only have yourself and Jarvis in your party, so if you didn't level up Jack earlier in the game, you might want to put off any of the more difficult areas.

About a day and a half after Clive shows up, Jack will wonder what is going on at Vancoor and you will be sent immediately to the squad room. You can speed this up by sleeping at Jack's house. Here is the next squad mission you will take part in:

Crocogator Mission
This is the first mission, and will start automatically at some point. No matter where you are and what you are doing, Jack will say something about checking out Theater Vancoor and you will be taken back to there.
You will only have yourself and Jarvis for this mission. Daniel refuses to go. You will be able to travel to places other than the mission, if you want. For example, if you will be taking the non-human path, you can go to the Dark Elf village and recruit people. I like to get Romaria as soon as she is available so that she can level up more. Or, you can recruit some humans and use them temporarily to get to the Dark Elf Village after the Crocogator mission.
Like most missions, you will be told where to go and what to do. You can usually talk to Thanos and get some hints as well. If you are inside the city and use the map (R1), it will show you which gate you want to use. Once in the world, use the map to see the actual destination.
Just go where the map tells you and do what Jarvis says, and you should do fine. How much you get is supposed to be random, but I have usually gotten the low pay.
Once you have completed this mission, you should go to Morfin's Clinic and talk to the sick kid (if you are taking the human path). Keep this up if you want to recruit everyone from the Olacion Order. If you are going to choose the non-human path, these missions will help you recruit the dark elf Mikey.

Once you are done with this mission, you can work on solo missions with your party. Check with Thanos each time to see what is available. Just remember to not sleep at Jack's house until there are no more missions available, or you might miss some. (Later in the game, you should also not enter Jack's house except late at night to prevent events from triggering.)

Even if you are going to take the non-human path, these missions are a good way to get experience and money. You can have all non-humans in your party, which means you can be building up your party before the split.

[init-friends] Initial Friends List

Here are the characters you can recruit at the beginning of the game, grouped by categories.If this is your first time through the game, and you plan to take the human path (which is what I recommend), then you want to recruit all the humans that are now available, and at least Donkey from the Green Goblins for his Absorb HP skill.

If you plan to take the non-human path, then concentrate on the non-human characters you can get now. However, I recommend that you wait until you are in the middle of your next mission to find a Crocogator. The reason for this is that you will learn how to use the journey pigs, which makes getting to and from places much faster and easier. Get Romaria as soon as you can. When you are at the Dark Elf village during one of your early missions, try to recruit all the available characters. Your initial party should be Jack, Martinez, Sanchos, and Romaria. You will probaby keep this party until after the split, when you can recruit some of the more powerful non-humans.

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[init-vancoor] Theater Vancoor Characters

If you are going to choose the human path, then concentrate on recruiting humans. If you are going to choose the non-human path, then concentrate on recruiting non-humans. If you want to recruit Elwen (the best fighter in the game), you have to recruit the rest of Vancoor. (Make sure you take Nocturne's letter to Gerald). See the section on Your Initial Party for more detail.

Aldo is a book worm who is always looking for something to read. Talk to him to find out he is looking for the Book of Faries.
Aldo is in the Quarto room from 6am to 11, then the Begin Eatery from noon to 3pm, when he talks with Gareth outside the eatery door, ending up in the bookstore from 8-9pm.
You can find the Book of Fairies near the house in the Septem Region located between the two houses just beyond the Septem Cave. The monsters in this area are fairly strong, so you probably won't get him until later in the game during your first play-through.
Bruce is the character who runs the Theater Vancoor infirmary. He is in the infirmary from 6am to 7pm. Talk to him when your HP is less than 50%.
(You can put on weak armor, get into a duel, and just stand there, letting the other person keep beating you until you get under 50% before you finish them off, then go talk to Bruce.)
After you recruit him, remember to talk to Miranda to get healed.
Carlos is pounding his fist on the table in the lobby of Theater Vancoor from 4-6pm. Talk to him and find out that he lost his contact lens. He spends the night in one of the cells in B2.
Enter the Path of the Spider (sewer) through far-right cell in the second basement of Theater Vancoor. Keep heading left, following the water flow to find his contact, then give it to him.
While you are in the sewers, make sure you get the feathered earring, which will allow you to walk much faster. This is great for those of us who are too impatient to put up with Jack walking around slowly.
Talk to him in the Triton Locker Room between 8 and 11 AM or 6 and 8 PM. He will tell you about a flower that glows.
Take the journey pig at night to near the City of Flowers and go west to the end of the path to find the flower, then give it to him before sunrise. (He will probably be just outside of the Lupus Gate when you get back.)
Talk to his mother in the hotel just south of Theater Vancoor, and then talk to him until he repeats himself. Do that for five different days. (Talking to both his mother and him.)
He leans against the Vancoor building near the alley that goes up to the bar and the square from 11am-3pm. You can also find him in the lobby at the table where Carlos sits from 9-11am and 6-10pm.
Talk to him to find out he wants some elvin wine. (He is in the Zweit Squad Locker Room from 9am-2pm, then at Begin Eatery from 6pm-8pm)
Take the journey pig to Earth Valley and get the wine from the bartender. (The one you helped out when a knight). You need to be level 23 for him to join.
If you don't get to Earth Valley until after it is deserted, then you can take a bottle from the nearby store left of the bar. You can find a bottle on the shelf to the right of the doorway.
Note: Don't wait too long to complete this mission, or the wine will no longer be available. You won't be able to recruit Elwen if that happens.
Paul is the guy who beat Lord Star during the Knight Trials. Talk to him with a female in your party. (Non-human females work fine.)
You can find Paul working out on the bridge above Jack's house from 4-6am, and in the bookstore from 9am to noon, followed by the Eisenhower Pharmacy until 5.
Go into the bathroom in the morning from 8am to 11am or in the evening from 5pm to 7pm. He should be standing in front of the mirror. Kick him, and he will join you (without having to duel him).

Initial Friends List

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[init-olacion] Olacion Order Characters

If you want to recruit Kain (the best healer in the game), you will need to recruit everyone from the Olacion Order.

Clive automatically joins your party by signing your friends list.
You have to be level 10 to recruit him.
Talk to him and he should join. He is in his room from 8am to noon, in the chapel from 3-7pm, and working out near where Godwin teaches the kids from 7-11pm.
Talk to him when he is washing windows outside the Olacion building (between 2 and 5pm) to find out he wants Fernando's old belt.
Enter Fernando's room and kick the waste basket to find the belt. Ask Fernando and he will tell you to keep it, then give the belt to Edgar.
Once Edgar tells you about the belt, don't wait too long before you get it. Supposedly, the trash might get emptied if you wait too long.
Catch him drinking in the pub between 8pm and 2am. Keep talking to him until he joins.
Remember that Flora is the best human healer at this point in the game, so you want to take the time to recruit her if you will be taking the human path.
Talk to her to find out her father's picture is missing. She is sweeping various rooms in the Olacion building most of the day.
Talk to Synellia, the receptionist at the Morfin Clinic, until she gives you the picture. (She should be looking at the picture.) Give the picture to Flora
You will probably have to take the Radiata Quiz before you can get the picture. You can either recruit Synellia before getting the picture, or mess up the first question and then talk to her again for the picture.
Talk to her to find out that her cat is missing.
She is in Anastasia's room from 7-9, and then in the chapel from 9-11, and then back at the Anastasia's room until 4.
The correct cat is at the end of the path to the Void Community, on the trash heap that Zeranium checks each day. You will see a bunch of cats, but when you take the others back to her, she will complain that it isn't the right one. Just get the cat from Void and ignore all the others.
If you check the sign near the Inn south of Theater Vancoor at different times, you will see it changes depending on where you are on this quest. (See *Signs and Posters* in Easter Eggs and Silly Things for more info.)

Initial Friends List

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[init-vareth] Vareth Magic Institute

If you want to recruit Nyx, you will need to recruit the heads of all the other guilds, which means all of their members. You can't recruit Curtis (the head) until all the other characters have joined. If you don't care about getting Nyx, then you may not care about recruiting Curtis, either.

If you want to recruit Cecil, you need to recruit Aidan early and keep him in your party until he reaches level 32.
To recruit Aidan, just talk to him. If that doesn't work, recruit a few more people and try again.
He is in the first floor classroom of the Star Tower from 9-11am, and on the first floor of the Moon Tower from noon to 1, then in the cafeteria from 1 to 4.
Talk to him with Aidan in the party at level 32 or greater
Finding Cecil can be tricky, since he moves around a lot. He is on the second floor (half way up to the library) from 5am to 11 and then from 2 to 9, and in the infirmary from 12 to 1.
Get 5 Gobpakken Seeds and 5 Pointura Threads. (The seeds come from plants near the City of Flowers, and the threads come from the spiders near the Dark Elf area.)
Talk to them when they are alone in their room (between 11am and 2pm), and agree to give them the items. When you enter the Star Tower, their room is the first to the right.
Keep talking to Christoph until he joins, then talk to Jill (see Jill). You need to be level 16 to recruit him, but I'm not sure how you can be at such a low level.
If you are taking the non-human path, you will need two mages in your party to recruit Brie. Christoph and Jill are two mages that are easy to recruit, so I usually get them.
To recruit her, you need to get a Blood Orc's horn. You can get these later in the game from the Orc homeworld or Fire Mountain, but you can also get them during the training exercises for the axe. Once you have access to the Blood Orc's homeland, you can also get them from fighting. Blood Orc Horns don't carry across between games. If you also want to recruit Zida, make sure you show him the horn first, since Claudia will take it from you.
Talk to her in the bottom room of the Moon Tower between 5pm and 7pm, when she is looking at the sign on the tube. The first time, give her the horn, then return on three different nights. Each time you return, talk to the large glass tube (that originally read "Caution Do Not Touch") The first night, the body will twitch, the next night it will say "Clau", and finally "Claudia". (Apparently it is the body of her boyfriend who was killed.)
Cornelia / Rachel
This is a very interesting character. During the day, she is a very young girl, but in the evening, she is a popular night club singer.
Once you have recruited her, her name will appear where Cornelia should be, but during the evening hours it will read "Rachel". If you have her in your party, she fights as a little girl during the day, and as Rachel during the night.
Talk to her when she changes personalities to the right of the lottery booth in the Void Community around 7pm. You have to be talking to her when she does the actual change, not before or after, so keep mashing the circle button until you see her change.
Talk to him and lend him the record "Earth Valley", one of the Battle tunes, or probably any other upbeat record.
Talk to him the next day to get your record back and to recruit him.
Talk to him in the infirmary at the Vareth Magic Institute between 4am and 2pm or 7pm and 10pm to find out he left his medical text at the Olacian Order.
Talk to Kain to get the book, then return the book to Faraus
After Christoph joins, talk to Jill, who will also join.
Talk to him on five different days until he repeats himself. He will tell you big lies each time, but then finally will join you. He arrives at the Vareth Institute around noon, so you can talk to him there. If you miss him, he will be in the Moon Tower B1 from 2-7pm.
Go to the bottom door in the Vareth Institute's Star Tower. You will see a bunch of boxes and somebody calling for help. Just keep clicking "X" and she will join.
Contrary to the Official Strategy Guide, you must be level 32 to recruit her.
You will need 43,000 gold to finally get her, but you can start with "only" 1,000, followed by 3,000, then 9,000, and finally 30,000. You need to talk to her when she is in her lab in the tower, between 11:30AM and 5:30PM.
Talk to her and she will complain about needing money and ask you for a donation of 1,000. Come back on a second day and she will ask you for 3,000. The third day she will ask for 9,000, and then finally 30,000. She might not ask if you don't have enough, so if that ever happens, go out and make some more money.
You don't have to do this four days in a row. If it takes you a few days to get enough money for your next payment, that isn't a problem.

Initial Friends List

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[init-void] Void Community

If you want to recruit Nyx, you need to recruit everyone in the Void Community (as well as all the other guild leaders)

He is a decent fighter, will steal items for you, and fairly easy to recruit, although it takes two days.
Talk to him each day until he challenges you to a fight. Defeat him on another day. You can fight him just before midnight in front of the night club where Rachel performs, then wait a few minutes and fight him shortly after midnight.
Alba is an excellent candidate for your initial party if this is your first time through the game, regardless of which path you will choose. The reason is that he will steal items, which will save you money. After the first time through the game, you should have enough items and money that this won't be that helpful.
Talk to him with Golye in your party
Golye hangs out in the Void Community all day, usually outside doing something with piles of boxes.
You might want to read about Butch in the Easter Eggs and Silly Things section.
Talk to him in the Void Community Casino (between 9pm and 3am) until he fights you. Defeat him and he will join.
Talk to him in the Void bar between 8 am and noon. Keep talking (actually, listening) until he joins.
You have to be level 22 to recruit her. She is an excellent fighter, so even if you don't want to recruit Nyx, she is worth recruiting. I had her in my party from the start, and by the end of the game when it was Jack, Lily, Elwen, and Kain, Lily not only held her own, but actually dealt the final kill every so often.
Wait outside the chapel / devotional room in the sewer beneath Theater Vancoor. (Follow Elwen or Alicia into the sewers to find it. Elwen enters the sewers around 8am, so you can follow her the day you want to recruit Lily.)
When Elwen is inside the room, Lily will crouch just outside from 1-3pm (this is at the base of the stairs, just outside the room). Keep talking to her until she fights you and loses. (A kicking duel won't count, nor will talking to her at any other place)
Pinky is the watchman outside of the Void club. Kick him when he is sleeping there between 9pm and 7am.
Fighting Pinky is the only way to get the Payapaya Dance record.
Talk to Felix in the Vareth Magical Institute Library between 10am and 3pm. (He is the feminine looking person facing you on the left under the stacks.) He tells you that somebody has been stalking him.
Solo is hiding near the stairs going up to the stacks. Talk to him and tell him Felix is a guy, not a girl. He will join you.
If you see Leona in the library, you can talk to her and find out what book she is looking for. This will let you recruit her later.

Initial Friends List

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[init-human] Non-Guild Humans

The only reasons to recruit these characters are either for a skill or because you want to recruit all possible characters (which will let you see a "special" picture on the Friends List.)

In some ways, these are the hardest characters to recruit. This is because of the small window of opportunity to contact them. In some cases, you can only talk to them for the brief time they walk from their house to their fields, and then when they come home for dinner. These periods can be as short as a few seconds that you have to talk to the character. Get there early and don't get distracted while you wait.

Talk to him in the Void kitchen (in the back of the bar) to find out about a soup recipe. (He is there from 4pm until 9am.)
Go to Tria village and ask the elder's wife for the recipe, then return it to Dan
Garcia, Bran, Wal
Talk to Garcia outside the house just past Septem Cave between 7-10am or 5-10pm. He will mention his two friends are missing and wonders if they are in the cave.
Enter the cave, find the two men, and fight the monster. (You might as well finish your trip through the cave, it is a great place to level up.)
Talk to the three of them when they are outside their house. Talk to Garcia first, and then the other two until they all join.
Pass through Tria Village and find a man splashing in the water.
Keep talking to him until you rescue him
Talk to him in Nuevo Village, just to the left of the houses, around noon, or around 8pm. He will tell you he wants Tria Milk
Recruit Tarkin and get Tria Milk, then give it to Howard
Leban, Keaton, and Wyze
Talk to Tarkin in Tria Village and learn that Leban is late. Walk east until you find him (just past the journey pig) surrounded by monsters. Beat the monsters to recruit him.
Talk to Keaton in Tria Village after Leban has joined You might have to recruit Tarkin before getting Keaton. Be careful, Keaton is easy to miss recruiting. I got near the end of the game thinking I had recruited him, and found out I hadn't.
Talk to Wyze after Leban joins.
Mook's house is on the road to Earth Valley where you fought the Goblin Trio. Talk to him around 7am, noon, or 6pm to find out that a monster has been bothering him.
Take the side path near his house to the end and beat the monster. You should also open the chest for a Defense Berry.
Talk to Mook again, and he will join you.
Talk to Morfin when he is in his clinic between midnight and 6am, or around 10am. Agree to try his medicine.
Go through the same thing on another day, and he should join
I usually visit him after midnight, since there are less other things to do then.
Nick is Bruce's son. Talk to him with Bruce in your party, and he will join.
You can find Nick in Vancoor Square during the mornings, and with Godwin and the other kids outside the Olacion Order Shrine in the afternoon. It is usually easier to talk to him in the morning, since there are so many kids close together in the afternoon, you have to keep moving around until you are able to talk to any particular kid.
Sarval is the guy feeding pigs in your home town. Talk to him and find there are three piglets missing.
Find the pigs (1) to the east of the journey pig, (2) in your house, and (3) north of the town at the top of the steps on the road towards Tria Village.
Stefan is a big fan of vegetables. Impress him with your knowledge and he will join you. When he asks you questions, answer "yes", and then "no". When he asks the question, wait for the answers to appear; if you click, it will select the first answer.
The best time to catch him is 4-8pm just east of the houses in Nuevo Village. You can catch him when he first wakes up and goes to the field around 7am, but that is much harder.
Sunset is the little kid in your home town that runs around with a butterfly net. Talk to him and he will join.
She is the receptionist at the Morfin Clinic. Talk to her and take the Radiata Quiz and answer three questions correctly in a row. If you miss a question, you can take the quiz on a following day.
The questions she asks are ramdom. You can find the questions and answers in the Radiata Quiz section.
If you are in the middle of recruiting Flora, she might not ask you the quiz. Come back after you are done recruiting Flora.
He is the dairy farmer in Tria Village
Talk to him in the barn and agree to get him some medicine. He is in the barn from around 8am until 3pm, and then from 6-8pm.
Talk to Nask in the Waldo General Store to get the medicine. (The store is near the gate south of the Olacion Order Shrine.)
Take the medicine back to Tarkin and he will join. If you ask him, he will also give you some Tria Milk, which you can use to recruit Howard.
You can't recruit Yack until after you have met the Large Man in Vancoor Square.
Talk to him when you have a tsuchinoko dumpling. The easiest time is when he leaves his house in Nuevo Village around 7am, or returns around 10pm
I read someplace that you only need to have seen a Tsuchinoko, and didn't need to have the dumpling. It is also possible that you don't run into him until you have a dumpling.

Initial Friends List

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[init-fairy] Non-Human Characters

If you are going to choose the non-human path, you want to recruit these characters as soon as possible so you can create a party of non-humans and level them up. If you don't, then when the split occurs, you will have a lot of weak characters to work with. You can use them on any mission before the split, so there is no real reason to go out of your way to recruit a human character unless you need one of their skills.

The reverse is true if you will be choosing the human path. You will want to recruit some of these characters for their skills your first time through the game, but if you are going to choose the human path, there is no other reason to recruit them. Wait until you play it again for the non-human path.

If you are taking the non-human path, I suggest that during the Crocogator mission, you take a detour and go to the Dark Elf village to recruit Romaria. After that mission, use the journey pig to return to the Dark Elf village and recruit Rika (because you can) and talk to Martinez, giving him a duplicate record or one that you can buy (since you won't get it back.) Spend the rest of the day leveling up Jack and Romaria, and go back the next day to get Martinez and Santos.

After you have your initial non-human team (Romaria, Martinez, Santos, and Romaria), take them through the Septem Cave to level up. Next, clear out the rest of the Septem area, talking to Garcia if you see him in front of his house. You can go back into Septem Cave to recruit Bran and Wal, and find that the cave has been repopulated with monsters.

Chatt will lead you on a few wild goose chases.
Talk to Chatt, who will tell you that Clarence was looking for you. Talk to Clarence, who will tell you that Chatt was joking.
Talk to Chatt in the brewrey on a different day while he is stirring one of the vats, and agree to drink
Talk to Clarence on a following day, who will tell you to talk to Chatt. Go to the store room in the Elder's room and defeat the "monster"
Clarence goes to bed around 5 am, wakes up at noon, and reads his book.
Agree to gamble with him in the morning, making sure you have around 12,000 gold. Guess even or odd on each throw. If you win four times, he will give you back your money and join you.
If you do this early in the game, even, even, even, odd seems to work best. If you do it later, then four odds seems to work. The best approach is to save the game, take the journey pig and talk to him. If you lose too much, then reload the game and try again.
At other times, he does a lottery where you can buy a ticket. You can't recruit him that way.
Polpo's soup will carry over across games, so if you have gotten that during a previous game, you can recruit her now. You can only get the soup after the split if you choose the non-human path, so if you have not previously chosen the non-human path for this game data, you will have to wait until after the split to recruit Lufa.
See Defeat Gawain for details on how to recruit her later in the game.
You have to be level 23, and have completed at least one solo mission.
Give him a record (you won't get it back, so pick a duplicate or buy one from Chic Records), then talk to him on a following day.
Talk to her in her room from 11am-4pm and take her music quiz. If you miss a question, you have to wait to another day to take it again.
Here are the questions I know of:
What animal hair is in a violin bow?
How many strings in a guitar
How many white keys for an octave on a keyboard?
What does the note with a single tail mean?
Eighth note
What does "#" mean?
Sharp - half note higher
What note is half as long as a whole note?
Half note
What does "Allegro" mean?
Play faster
What music is done in triple time?
Who is the famous goblin guitarist?
Who is the famous dark elf percussionist?
Which light elf likes music
Beat her at a kicking duel and then talk to her until she joins. If you are going to take the non-human path, recruit her as early as possible and keep her in your party for all battles so she can level up with you. She is the best non-human healer, and a very good fighter.
You can usually find her hanging around the entrance to the village.
Talk to him with Martinez and Rika in your party (then dump Rika for Santos)
Talk to him in the cellar between 1-4pm, and show him a Gobpakken Seed.
Talk to him on another day and show him a Blood Orc's Horn
Note: Zida won't keep the horn, but Claudia will. So, if you want to use the same horn to recruit both characters, show the horn to Zida first, and then give it to Claudia. (Of course, if you are doing that, then you have ignored what I said about recruiting people from both paths. ;^)

Initial Friends List

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[first] First Missions

Once you get back from the Crocogator mission, you will have some free time on your hands. At various points during these missions, or when you are sleeping, you will see some cut scenes about Ganz. During this time, Flau and Rynka may not be keeping their normal schedule, since they are part of the cut scenes.

You can take any (or all) of these three missions. If you are going to choose the human path and want to recruit Elwen, you need to do all of the missions, and make sure you report back to Thanos after each of them. If you are going to choose the non-human path, I still suggest you choose all the missions since they give you good experience and money, and some nice weapons and armor.

A Masterpiece of Fantasy
(Pick Up Weapons from Earth Valley)
This is very simple and straight forward. Simply talk to the owner of the weapons shop just across from the front door of Vancoor Theater.
Talk to Gregory before you leave, and you can work on recruiting him at the same time.
Travel to Earth Valley and pick up the packages. Get the Elfin Wine from the bartender if you talked to Gregory. Return back to the weapons shop and give him the packages.
Smilodon Fang
(Collect Smilodon Fang)
Go to the Ocho Region, follow the path until you see a stone arch.
Take the path under the arch and fight the tiger-like monster. You can sometimes get a fang earlier on the path, but you should at least be able to find one there.
Jack talks about coming back to make money. Don't bother, you can't sell them for much.
On your way in, there is a path that branches back and to the right (or to the left from Jack's perspective). At the end of that path is a chest you might want to get.
This region is fairly tough, so if you haven't leveled up much, consider going to Septem Cave a couple of times first.
Beasts by the Bridge
(Monsters at the Bridge)
You will battle a king snake and some trees. Take out the trees first, and then the snake.
You must accept this mission to recruit Elef, Hip, and Ryan, who are non-guild humans. Talk to these guys after the mission is over, and keep checking in with them every so often. You will eventually get asked to find some plans for them, which is explained later.

You probably want to do these missions in the above order, since the first one doesn't involve any fighting, and the third is probably harder than the second. Avoid going to your house during the day to prevent the game from progressing before you are ready. Enter your house after 9pm and leave before 8am to save your game. Remember not to sleep until you are ready.

If you go to the top floor of the Morfin Clinic, you will see a sick kid on a bed. Talk to him, and he asks you to come back again and tell him stories. The stories he wants to hear are the Crocogator mission, the Smilodon Fang mission, and the Rats in the Vareth Institute mission (which won't happen for a bit.) These stories are a critical part of recruiting his sisters Adina and Elena, who are from the Olacion Order (which means you must recruit them to get Kain). I suspect they are also needed to recruit Mikey if you choose the non-human path.

Having gone on your own mission opens up a few more recruits, or at least you can start recruiting them.

Anastasia (Olacion Order)
Talk to Anastasia in her room between 2-9pm to find out a key is missing. If she doesn't, make sure you have 10,000 gold and try again.
Talk to Lulu who admits she threw it out
Talk to Zeranium (the garbage picker) to find out that he sold it to Thyme at the Faid General Store. (This is the first store in the Void District, behind the lottery, and is open 7am-5pm )
Buy it from the store for 10,000 gold and return it to Anastasia. This will let you get into her treasury, but I can't figure out anything you can do in there.
You need to be level 25 to recruit her, but that should not be a problem by this point in the game.
Dwight (Olacion Order)
Enter the confessional (the small door at the end of the hallway in the Olacion order where Dwight and Anastasia are located) between 6-10pm, and listen to Dwight confess to stealing the proceeds.
You have to enter the confessional (smaller room) during that time. You can't be waiting inside or it won't trigger the event. You might want to stand near the outside confessional door and wait for him to enter, then run inside and go into the public (larger) confessional.
Exit the Olacion Order using the nearby door, turn east to the next screen and enter the large door to catch Dwight in the confessional.
Keep talking to him until he joins.
Grant (Olacion Order)
After the Smilodon Mission, talk to Grant (Dwight's assistant), who will ask you to deliver some church bulletins to the Void Community
Deliver them to the people who run the Mysterious Creatures Inn, Dead End Armory, Chic Records, the bar at Club Vampire, and the casino at Club Vampire.
Return and talk to Grant until he joins
He is in Dwight's room from 8am to 2pm and then from 8-9pm, on a bench outside the building from 2-3pm, and in the Eisenhower Pharmacy from 5-6pm.
Elef, Hip, and Ryan (Non-Guild Humans)
Accept the mission to defeat the beasts on the bridge. If you don't do this, you won't be able to get these characters, who are the workmen on the bridge.
Keep checking back at the bridge between missions until they complain about needing their spare set of blueprints.
Get the blueprints from the inn south of the Olacion Order Shrine (right behind the lottery stand) and then take them back to the bridge.
This recruitment will continue later, after the Large Man in Vancoor Square
After you have told the sick kid all three stories, talk to Elena (his sister) and she will join.
Elena is either visiting her brother in the clinic from 4-6am, or tagging along with Anastasia.
Speak to Adina with Elena in your party and she will join
The easiest times to catch Adina is in Anastasia's room from 6-8am or 3-6pm, and then visiting her brother from 8-10pm.
Walter (start)
You can start to recruit Walter at this point, but you won't be able to finish until after the split.
Talk to Walter (he leaves his house in Vancoor Square around 6am and is in the Quinton Locker Room until 6pm) and he will ask you to look for his wife Sheila if you ever get into the castle. Tell him yes.
You won't be able to finish this until later on the human path

Before you progress the game, make sure you have done all the missions for Thanos. When you are ready to progress the game, enter your room during the day. Yuri will wake Jack up from a nap and take him to Vancoor Square.

The Algandars Plague
Yuri will wake Jack up from a nap and take him to Vancoor Square. Defeat Sheila, and then return to Theater Vancoor to continue the game.

When the above mission is complete, a new mission will be available. Before going to the Vareth Institute, remove someone from your party so that you only have three members. The empty slot will be filled by Daniel when you get there.

Vexatios Vermin
This will open up a new mission concerning the rats in the magic institute (which is the final story for the sick kid.) Leave a space open in your party, since Daniel will automatically join you once you get there. (If you don't leave an open spot, one of your characters will be removed from your party.)

[princess] Escort the Princess

When you return to Theater Vancoor, you will be given a new mission with Jarvis and Daniel. This will be your last mission with the Hecton Squad. It is pretty straight forward: you are to escort the princess, who will be kidnapped, and you have to find them. Look in the abandoned house between the two gates near the Vareth Magic Institute and the Olacion Order. You will see a healing spot and a blue save flag, so use them both. There is a switch upstairs that will open a secret door on the ground floor. When you are in the sewers, take time to explore and collect the treasures that are available. Any time you have a healing spot, it is an excellent time to level up. If you don't want to do that now, you can come back later when you are stronger so it will be easier to collect items.

When you get to the second large square room, continue straight ahead to the next exit (exit 03), which contains a chest with a Knight Saber, which has a strength of 17 and CP 5. (This is different than the Knight Edge, which you got in the locker room of the castle.)

When you are ready to progress the game, look for a large hole in the wall, which is a sewer pipe, that will take you to the Void Community. You get there by taking the "01" exit from the second square room. When the mission is finally completed (sort of), you will be made sergeant and have your own squad (i.e., your own party).

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[promotion] Jack's Promotion

Once you are promoted, you will no longer be dragged into any missions with Jarvis and Daniel. This is much like the free-time missions your took earlier, but it opens up a number of new recruits, since you are more famous (and respected) now.

You should avoid Vancoor Square for a while, since that will trigger a new event. If you talk to Thanos, he will mention a strange man there, but ignore it for now. Also, stay away from your house during the day; don't enter until after 9pm, and don't sleep there. (The only reason you should ever sleep is when you want to force the game to progress.)

Here is who you can now recruit (do Gareth first - see below):

Conrad (Theater Vancoor)
Talk to him, and he will join and give you 1,000 gold to buy better clothes
You can find him at his house (Lyle's mansion - take the north exit from Vancoor Square) from 5am-7, the Quintom Squad room from 9-noon, eating at the Begin Eatery from 1-4, and then at home from 6-7.
Daniel (Theater Vancoor)
Talk to him
He is in the Hecton room from 8am to 1pm, the Begin Eatery from 2-3pm, and at Waldo's General Store (where Nash works) from 6-9.
David (Theater Vancoor)
Talk to him and he will ask you to deliver a letter to Mint. Probably the best time to see him is at the Begin Eatery from 10am to noon. The rest of the day is spent mostly training.
Give the letter to Mint, who is just west of the house in the Septem Region before 10am, and in Tria Village after 10am
Return to David and talk to him when he is not training until he joins
Eon (Void Community)
Talk to him in the Void Basement between 11pm and 3am. He will mention his rats are sick, and wonder if Morfin can help
Talk to Morfin, who refers you to the Waldo General Store (which is south of Morfin's clinic, near the gate.) (*Note:* This step is optional. You can go directly to Nask.)
Talk to Nask, the owner of Waldo General Store to get rat meds.
Give the medicine to Eon and talk to him until he joins
Franklin (Vareth Magic Institute)
Talk to him with a female in your party. (Non-humans work fine.)
He is at Club Vampire from 11pm to midnight, and in the Moon Tower B1 from 2pm to 4, after which he is in the cafeteria until 7.
Gareth (Theater Vancoor)
Talk to him when training between 3-6am or 5-10pm. Defeat him and he will join.
Note: When you regain control after the Link tutorial, you will be in the training room with Gareth training, so recruit him right away.
Gordon (Theater Vancoor)
Talk to him and defeat him
You can find Gordon in the Zweit Squad room from 7-9am, and at the Begin Eatery from 7-8pm.
Iris (Void Community)
Talk to her and double her pay (you will pay her 40,000 gold). If you haven't recruited Jarvis yet, this can help you reduce your gold supply.
You can find her in the Beast Pit from 6-8am, in the Olacion Order Chapel from noon to 5pm, in Club Vampire from 9-11pm, and then in the Void office until 2am.
She is expensive to recruit, but she attacks groups of enemies, similar to a lance. If you are going to pick the human path, and want to recruit Nyx, you will have to recruit her. The choice is yours all the other times through the game.
Jarvis (Theater Vancoor), Giske (Non-Guild)
You can't be more than five levels below Jarvis. (Of course, I would be really disappointed in you if you are more than five levels below Jarvis.)
Make sure you have less than 5,000 gold. If you have more than 40,000 you can Recruit Iris. Buy the best armor and equiment available, and if you still have money, buy berries at Alkaico General Store in the Void Community. If you still have too much, get some strong cure medicines until you have under 5,000 gold.
Talk to Giske (the bartender at Carl's pub) who asks you to collect some tabs for him.
Talk to Jasmine in Sun Patty accessories (around the corner) who will give you the money.
Talk to Jarvis who will ask for more time. Agree to give him more time. (You can find him talking to Thanos at the desk from 10am-noon, in the Hecton Room from Noon to 5.)
Note: make sure you don't have more than 5,000 gold. Report back to Giske. He will ask you to pay for Jarvis's tab. Since you don't have 5,000 gold, you can't pay it right then.
Make sure you don't talk to Jarvis a second time, or he might give you the money for his tab.
Go fight someplace or sell some of the stuff you bought (at a loss) to get at least 5,000 gold, and then give it to Giske. This will let you recruit Giske.
Speak to Jarvis, who will figure out you paid his tab, and you will recruit him.
Note: If you have already been told by Thanos about a strange man in Vancoor Square, it will trigger a cut scene when you attempt to go into Carl's Pub. Don't worry, you will still be able to recruit Giske and Jarvis once the cut scenes are over.

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[square] Large Man in Vancoor Square

Before you proceed, double check your friends list.
Look back over the FAQ and make sure that your friends list has the people should have recruited by now. If you have already decided which path to take, then you might want to not bother to recruit members of the other side. Strangely, the first few times you play the game this is less of a problem, but I have found that after you play it a bunch of times, you can miss someone thinking you have already recruited them. I remember recruiting them, but it wasn't during this time through the game. ;^)

If you have missed anyone, now is an excellent time to do it. Later in the game, you might have limited time to recruit them. In particular, make sure you visit Club Vampire and do the "Chains of Fate" task, which is described below.

When you want the game to progress, enter Vancoor Square, where you will find a large man wandering about. The game will walk you through most of this.

Once you have met this large man, you have a couple days before the next part of the game will kick in. You can postpone this by not going into your house during the day. Wait until at least 9pm before you enter the house, and you can postpone the game from progressing. You can use this trick to make sure you complete all the missions before the game moves on.

Be very careful about avoiding Jack's house during the day. As a general rule, you should not enter your house unless Flau is sitting on the wall of your steps. If you mess up, you could lose the opportunity to recruit Gerald, which in turn means you won't be able to recruit Elwen and Nyx.

*** MAKE SURE YOU VISIT CLUB VAMPIRE and get the Chains of Fate cut scene *** If it doesn't trigger, come back later. If you want to recruit Gerald, don't forget!

You will now have these missions available:

Visit the Bridge that was being built
This isn't an official mission, but you should do this if you want to recruit the builders.
They will ask you to fetch a copy of their blueprints. Their hotel is right behind the lottery in the Olacion Order section (across from the general store and behind the lottery).
You can actually do this before this point in the game, but if you haven't done it yet, now is an excellent time. ;^)
Visit Club Vampire
(aka Chains of Fate)
This is another "unofficial" mission, but you need to do it if you want to recruit Gerald. If you don't trigger a cut scene, try again later after completing "The Ultimate Battle".
See the recruitment details for Gerald.
Creatures of the Sewer
If you have been exploring the sewers, you have probably wondered what was the purpose of that large dead end area at the end of the path from the right door near the fountain area. It is for this boss fight.
When the fight is over, you might want to equip the Rune Saber. It has a higher attack power than you probably have, and it has the added effect of Petrify.
This mission will allow you to recruit Tony. Talk to him on your way back out of the sewers.
Treasure of the Goblin Cemetery
The recruitment suit that you get at the end of this mission continually heals you, which is a nice feature. It is also essential for recruiting a few black goblins on the non-human path, so don't skip this mission. (The black goblin area isn't available except on the non-human path.)
The main boss will keep fading away and appearing elsewhere. Ignore all the skeletons - they will keep reproducing until the main boss is taken out. I tend to use R1 to lock the target on the boss. Once he fades out, use L2 and R2 to search the area and find where he went.
When you first get to the green goblin area, you will get an opportunity to recruit the Goblin Trio. When given the chance, decide to let them go.
Before you go to the cemetery, I suggest you take the first left branch to reach the journey pig. This will let you return here easily.
If you go past the journey pig, through the village, and across the bridge towards fire mountain, you will be able to fight some flame lizards once. They won't appear on subsequent visits. (Check out the photo cut-out just before the bridge. See the Easter Egg section for more details.)
Shortly after you get back to the main path towards the cemetery, you might see a yellow glow. If you do, stand near it and kick to fight the Dagol Turtle, who will give you 8,888 dagols (10,665 if you have Pluto's Trophy, and 12,443 if you have two Pluto's Tropies.) It isn't there that often, and it is hard to see the glint, so make a habit of looking for it each time you are there. It is located just to the right of the first tree that arches the road from the near to the far side, and to the left of the large rock on the other side of the road. (Jack should be standing between the tree and the rock, facing away from the camera when kicking.)
Explore the various paths and look for treasures or use the map to go directly to the cemetery. When you get the rainbow crystal, don't sell it if you are taking the non-human path. You will need it to recruit Row. If you are taking the human path, then you can sell it.
The Ultimate Battle
The first of two fun fights with the latest "ultimate weapon". If you keep doing these challenges, you will get some nice armor, and be able to recruit Ursula.
Once you have completed this mission, the "Chains of Fate" event should trigger when you enter Club Vampire.
Gonovitch's Dilemma
If you wondered what was the purpose of that large empty area at the end of the dwarf tunnels, it was for this boss fight. Use the lower entrance for this mission, not the one you used earlier in the game. There will be a dwarf at the cave entrance who will acknowledge you as the person from Vancoor. (If you don't see a dwarf, then you took the upper path instead of the lower.)

You can now (or soon be able to) recruit the following people:

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[square-vancoor] Theater Vancoor

Talk to him in Vancoor Square when he is staring at the fountain (between 6-11pm) with Gareth and Aldo in your party.
Note: It is easy to miss Gerald, so make sure you start this before the game progresses.
Enter the Vampire Club in the Void Community. This will trigger a cut scene where Nocture will ask you to deliver a letter to Gerald. It will be pretty obvious what to do, although you will gain control of Jack a few times between the various cut scenes. You can use these chances to go and save if you want.
Some time after Nocturne and Gerald fight it out, speak to Gerald, who will tell you that if you can beat him he will join you. If you lose, don't worry, you can try again (once per day)
One strategy I saw on the recruitment wiki was to poison Gerald and then run around avoiding him until he dies from the poison. I don't care for that approach, but you should at least be aware of it.
The method that I use is to equip "Full Power", which increases your volty strength, and equip the Rune Sword, which has a side effect of Petrify. Whenever your VP reaches max, equip your strongest weapon and use your volty. As soon as it is over, switch back to the Rune sword. Keep hitting him with the sword. If you petrify him, that is great, keep hitting him until he becomes unparalyzed. Lock onto him (R1) and use your volty as often as you can.
If at any time, Gerald starts to sparkle, indicating that he will soon use his volty, immediately equip the "Complete Defense" skill (if you don't have that skill, then try "Fierce Defense") and use an herb to bring Jack to full HP. Then hold down the X button and wait for his volty. If you are at 100% HP and your Fierce/Complete Defense skill is up the whole way, you should have a few HP left after Gerald's volty attack. Quickly feed Jack another herb to restore his HP to max again.
Keep this up until you win.
You can find Gerald in his room at Vancoor from 9am-2pm, and at the Begin Eatery from 7pm-9pm.

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[square-void] Void Community

Talk to him with Gerald in your party. Then defeat him in a duel.
Put Nocturne in the party and keep him there until you get the guild leaders. The reason for this is that, besides being a very good fighter, Nocturne steals items. You can build up quite a nice inventory without having to spend any money. If you keep him for a long time, you might want to sell some items before you max out.
He is at Club Vampire (2nd floor) from 2am-4pm, and then in the Dead End Armory until about 7.

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[square-nonguild] Non-Guild Humans

This is a pain since it is hard to catch him. The actual recruitment is fairly easy, though. You can talk to Bligh in Nuevo Village when he first gets up around 6am. He walks from his house directly to the field, so be standing in the narrow passage way between the two houses. You can also talk to him after he comes home for dinner, from 4-6pm.
Talk to Bligh and find out his pipe is missing.
Go to the Goblin Village, walk through the town, and fight Brie (the goblin with the pointy hat). If you win, he will tell you he tossed it in the rubbish heap (which is inside the town)
Find the pipe (it will be sparkling), and return it to Bligh.
Finish recruiting Elef, Ryan, Hip (Non-Guild Human)
You had to have accepted the mission to defeat the monsters at the bridge.
You had to have gotten them the spare blueprints
Talk to them after the bridge is finished in their inn where you got the blueprints. They are at their hotel in the room behind the desk clerk.
Talk to him with Conrad in your party.
Lyle is Conrad's father. From Vancoor Square, walk NE between the two stairs until you get onto a new screen. That is Lyles mansion. Go inside the gate and talk to Lyle. He will be jogging around the house in the morning and evening.
Speak to him after you beat the boss in the sewers beneath Theater Vancoor (this is the "Creatures in the Sewer" mission).
Tony wanders around the sewers. You can usually find him when you enter from the Vancoor basement or where he is fishing near the water works area (Elwen and Alicia pass it on their way to the shrine.) So when you finish the mission, you should see him, so talk to him.

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[square-fairy] Non-Humans

Aesop, Gob, and Monki (Goblin Trio)
These are the goblins that were stealing elf wine, and then you fought on the way back to Radiata.
When you first cross the bridge into the Goblin country, you will meet them again. Beat them in a fight, and then decide to let them go, and they will join you.
If you mess up, then try going through the same area on another day.
Kick him three times when he is sleeping (9pm-3am, 9am - 3pm). When he sits up, talk to him. Answer "Sure" when asked, and then don't hit any buttons until he joins you. He is inside the Goblin Town near the fork in the path.
Apparently, Brie wants to be a mage. Maybe that is why he wears a pointy hat? ;^)
First, you have to recruit Bligh (see the non-guild section for recruiting Bligh).
After Bligh has been recruited, talk to Brie with two mages in your party (magicians from Vareth Institute). If you haven't been recruiting any humans, Jill and Christoph are two easy mages to get, since you probably have five seeds and threads by now.
You will find him wandering around on the platforms above the Goblin Town. Kick him a total of five times in one day, then fight him.
If you have trouble running up behind him and kicking, then get in front of him and kick him as he passes.
Note: You want to recruit him during your first pass through the game so that you can get his "Absorb HP" skill.
Buy all his records and he will join you. When he finishes performing, he will walk left and onto the path. You can talk to him then.
Since phongraph records carry over from one game to the next, you only have to buy his records from him once. During subsequent games, just remove his records from the record player and have them in your inventory when you talk to him, so you don't have to buy them again. His records are:
Gabe is a shop keeper in the Goblin Town. He sells attack items.
Talk to him when he is smoking, and he will ask you to give him some items (50 panic powder). Buy them and give them to him. You can buy them at Black Rose General Store. Get panic powder, not startle powder (like I did once. ;^)
He is smoking between 4am-8am, noon to 4pm, and 8pm to midnight.
He is a ghost who is looking for a Tsuchinoko Dumpling. Give him one.
Golly is Donkey's biggest fan. Talk to him with Donkey in your party.
Talk to him five times in one day. (They can be right after another). The best way to do this is to talk to him when he is near the chest to the right of where you recruited the Goblin Trio. He is there between 5am and 5pm.
Goo sells armorand weapons in Sharngri La
Talk to him when you have an empty bottle, and agree to give it to him.
Talk to him and he will ask you some questions. Answers are: "Handsome", "Responsible", and "Sergeant Lin". (Honesty is not always possible in RPG games. ;^)
Kick him three times, and then agree to play a game of hide and seek.
He will hide three different places. You have to find him and speak with him.
He moves pretty fast, so it is hard to chase him and kick him. You might want to stand still and kick him each time he goes by rather than trying to chase him. I found that standing on the narrow path at the far right of his route worked best. It might take you a few trys to get the timing down.
For the first hiding place, find the ladder that goes from the top of the platform into a small area. It is in the south-east portion of the platforms.
The second hiding place is in the tent on the highest platform at the north-west corner of the platforms.
The final hiding place is in the tent where you gave Gobrey a Tsuchinoko Dumpling. It is the first tent to the right of the exit towards the stage area and Fire Mountain.

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[birthday] Ridley's Birthday Party

When you are ready to progress the game, enter your house during the daytime. You will get a visit from Leonard, who will give you an invitation to Ridley's birthday party.

You will have a little bit of time before you will automatically go to the castle. Hopefully, you have already done everything you could have before this event.

After the party, you will be able to recruit two characters from the Void Community: I was able to recruit them before the birthday party invitation, so you might want to try earlier.

Talk to him and defeat him.
He is usually in the Void community: outside of Chic Records, in the Vampire Bar, or in the Void Office.
Talk to him shortly before midnight when he is guarding a door in the basement of Club Vampire. Agree to guard the door while he goes somewhere.
As soon as he leaves, enter the room and kick things until you find the treasures, including a couple of berries.
Exit the room and talk to Joaquel, who will yell at you.
Wait until midnight passes and talk to Joaquel again. This time, don't move until he comes back. He will then join you.
If you start this just before midnight, wait until after midnight to talk to him the second time.

You will also have some new missions available, once you get another cut scene with Genius and Ridley and Zane. (Remember to keep away from your house during the day.)

Stone of Miracles
If you haven't already recruited Garcia, Wal, and Bran, now is a good time to do it.
If you took my advice and have been visiting the Septem Cave often to level up, things should go pretty easy for you. Even if you are blinded by the monster, you will still be able to continue hitting it. If you have Status Cure, equip it.
If you talked to Garcia, go back and talk to them outside their house until they all join.
This mission will kick off some cut scenes once Jack returns the stone to Kain.
Top Secret Mission
You will have to fight several robbers on your own. They look like the ones near Earth Valley. If you have a spear equipped, this battle will be much easier, provided you are using wide swings, especially if you use the Leviathan that you obtained during the previous mission.
Go to Dwarf Valley with Donovitch
This isn't a normal mission. Once you are done with the above missions, go to sleep at Jack's house to initiate some cut scenes. When you get control again, go to sleep a second time and Donovitch will visit you in your room. Go with him to Dwarf Valley.
Most of this is cut scenes, so sit back and watch. When it is over, take the journey pig back to Radiata and check with Thanos for a new mission.
Build that Body
If you aren't sure you can beat Achilles, then you should save before you try this mission. (That means you should wait until dark before you can save.) You should still be able recruit Achilles later if you lose, but I don't think you will be able to recruit Rocky. I've never not beaten Achilles, so if that happens to you, let me know if you can also recruit Rocky.
This mission will allow you to recruit Vitas, Miranda, and Achilles. It also opens the possibility of recruiting Rocky, who is an optional character from the Olacion Order.
If you haven't talked to any of the characters before in this game, Achilles will give a short bio of them, otherwise, they will just say hello to each other.

After the training mission, you can start to recruit more people on the following day:

Achilles (Olacion)
If you beat all the monks during the training mission, you will have to fight Achilles.
You won't be able to recruit Achilles yet. Wait until after the meeting in the castle, and Kain will assign Achilles and Alvin to assist you.
Beating Achilles will enable the duel with Rocky. The strategy guide claims it won't be available until after you return from Wind Valley, but I got it sooner. Just select the mission before you leave for Wind Valley.
Vitas (Olacion)
Speak to her after the training mission when she is training in her room (between 10am and 5pm). She will challenge you to a duel. Beat her and she will join.
Miranda (Olacion)
After the training mission, talk to Miranda when you are less than 100% HP so she can heal you. Do that on four separate days, and she will join. (You can kick somebody in the area and let them do some damage before you beat them. You could even duel Miranda, but I could never bring myelf to do that.)
She is often running around looking for Master Godwin. The easiest way to talk to her is when she is not running: from 6-8am she is in the chapel, from 3-4 with Godwin when he is teaching the kids, from 6-7 in Godwin's room, and then 10-midnight outside of her house.
As soon as you recruit Miranda, put her in your party in place of Flora. There are two reasons for this:

If you are planning to choose the non-human path, this is your last chance to buy items in Radiata. At a minimum, you should buy all the strength and defense berries that you want to have available for the next game. You should also buy any weapons and armor that you might need. You will be able to buy normal items on the non-human path, so don't worry about those. If you will be taking the human path, you can do this even after you beat the Ethereal Queen.

Once you are done doing everything you want, you can enterf Jack's house during the day to progress the game.

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[split] Jack's Choice - Human or Non-Human Path

If you enter Jack's house during the day, the game will progress. This will be the set-up for a major decision: which path will you take in the game. You will get an invitation to go to the castle that evening. You have until around 7pm before things kick in automatically. You will be back in your room, deciding to leave for the castle. Before you leave, Ridley will show up and tell you she is going to the City of Flowers.

This is where you decide whether you will take the Human Path (Go to the Castle), or the Non-Human Path (Follow Ridley). I recommend taking the Human Path the first time through the game, and then the Non-Human path the second time.

If you are thinking of saving the game someplace else, and then reloading it to take the other path, don't. The only way you get credit for recruiting all characters will be to start a new game using an already completed game. For the second game, you will start out with all your money, all your skills, and some of your items. This will make it much easier to get through the game the second time around.

In this walk through, the Human Path is presented first, followed by the Non-Human Path.

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[path-human] Human Path

This part of the game is only available after the split, and only if you chose to go to the castle rather than follow Ridley.

Any non-human characters that you previously recruited in this game will no longer become available for missions. They will still remain in your friends list in the menu section, but not on the list next to Thanos in Theater Vancoor.

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[castle] Meeting at Castle

If you chose to go to the castle, you will show up for a strategy meeting. After a series of cut scenes, you will gain control outside of the castle. Make sure you don't sleep at Jack's house until you are ready to progress to the next part of the game.

You are now free to recruit some more characters, buy new weapons, etc. If you are short of money, just buy the weapons instead of the armor. You will be getting two sets of new armor for free shortly.

Once you are done recruiting who is available, you might consider leveling up some of the new characters. On the other hand, if you have been leveling up a lot, it will take a long time to raise the new characters to the current level of your party. Since will you probably be replacing them with the guild leaders eventually, you might want to keep that in mind.

Thanos will tell you about a guy in Carl's Pub who turns out to be Jasne crying into his beer about Ridley leaving. You should visit Kain, Ortoroz, and Ray C. Ross (who is the owl in the president's office of the Vareth Institute). Each of them will assign two members to work with you. You should recruit them at this time, along with some additional characters that are now available:

Achilles (Olacion)
Speak to him after you speak with Kain.
Achilles mostly tags along with Kain, so when you talk to Kain, Achilles should be nearby.
Adele (Non-Guild)
You can't recruit her yet, but make sure you talk to her if you want to recruit her later.
Alicia (Vancoor)
Talk to Elwen when she is at the shrine in the sewer (from noon to 3pm.)
Talk to Alicia in the shrine (between 10 and 11pm.)
Fight her and win, then she will join
Speak to him after you speak to Kain.
You can find Alvin outside Morfinn's Clinic from 11am to 5pm, or listening to Ernest from 6-8pm,
Godwin (Olacion)
Talk to him with Miranda in your party at level 35 or better.
He is all over the place, but the best chance to catch him is in his room from 6-9am, or teaching the kids from 2-4pm
Fernando (Olacion)
After you recruit Godwin, you should be able to recruit Fernando, assuming you recruited everyone else that you could.
You need to have recruited Fernando's people, which is basically everyone on the right side of the Olacion Shrine. They were probably recruited in the following order: Edgar, Flora, Achilles, Vitas, Miranda, Alvin, and Godwin.
You might have to wait a day or so after you recruit the last prerequisite (probably Godwin). If you talk to Fernando in his room from 1pm-6pm, he should join. If not, go back and check your friends list.
He starts out at Vancoor Square from 5am-6am, works out on the bridge above Jack's house from 7-9am, in the chapel from 11am-1pm, and in his room from 1pm-6pm.
Kain (Olacion)
If you have recruited everyone in the Olacion Order (except perhaps Rocky), talk to Kain. He will thank you for pulling the members together, and join you.
He is mostly in the chapel, but he also stands on the bridge above Jack's house from 3-4pm.
As soon as you recruit him, put him in your party. He is the best healer in the game because he heals all party members simultaneously. Unlike Romaria, however, you need to tell him when to heal.
Derek (Vareth)
Speak to him after being told he will work with you.
He is in the Star Tower B1 from 2 to 6, and then at the intersection between Vareth and the gate listening to Ernest play music from 8 to 9.
Felix (Vareth)
He is another character from the Vareth Institute that will be assigned to you. Talk to him and he will join. He is in the library from 9am to 2pm (you talked to him when you recruited Solo.)
Herz (Void)
If you read the sign in the Void Community area, you know that Herz is a master of disguise. You have probably encountered her several times in one of her disguises. To recruit her, you have to uncover them by talking to her with the real character in your party. You can do this in any order, but each time has to be on a different day.
Just for fun, before you reveal her disguises, go into these stores during those times. If you stand outside before the start time, you will see Herz going into the store, then go inside and you will see the disguised character. If you are standing inside the store when she enters, you will see the disguised character enter. In other words, she magically changes characters while entering the store.
If you remember, during the very beginning of the game, when you got kicked out of the Knights, and went into Carl's Pub with Ganz, you saw Alicia there. It was really Herz.
After you have discovered her disguise, when she goes into the store, she stays as herself.
Interlude (Void)
Talk to him after he is assigned to you. He is in the back room of the Void basement (where Eon has his rats) most of the time. If he isn't there, you can look in the sewers below the same room. Keep talking until he duels you. After you beat him, keep talking until he joins.
Note: Make sure you keep talking to him. The first time I played this game, I stopped after the duel, thinking he had joined. It wasn't until I was most of the way through the non-human path before I discovered he was not on my friends list.
Ortoroz (Void)
Ortoroz is usually in the Void office or in the Vampire bar. Talk to him and he will ask you to find some meteorite fragments. They are in the Septem, Tria, Dova, and Adien regions.
There are four of them, but they can only be found between midnight and 6am. Don't be standing in the area before midnight, or it may not be there. If that happens, try leaving the area and coming back.
If you have the feathered earring equipped, you can get all four fragments in a single day. You can take as many days to do this as you want, however.
Once you have given him all the fragments, talk to him the next day and he will join. He will also tell you about Nyx, the real leader of Void.
Sonata (Void)
He plays hide and seek with you. Talk to him, and he flies off. Find him and talk to him again. You will eventually recruit him. He will be on the bridges outside of the following gates: Heliforde, Echinda, and Lupus Gate, in that order.

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[leavewind] Leave for Wind Valley

NOTE: Before you leave, read the note on recruiting Dynas in the next section.

When you are ready to progress the game, sleep at Jack's house. You will not be able to leave Radiata City by any other gate than the Echinda Gate until you return from Wind Valley, so make sure you've done everything you need before this. You will see some cut scenes with Ganz, Flau, and Rynka, and then Al will wake you up and tell you about Wind Valley.

When you wake up, some new missions will be available. You can do them either before or after your trip to Wind Valley. I like to do them before since both missions give me some nice armor that can come in handy.

Here are the missions that are available to you:

Please Stop Lord Star
This mission will allow you to recruit Lord Star and Sebestian, and get some armor that will prevent all status afflictions. Complete this mission before the battle golem and it can help you with that fight.
The Real Ultimate Battle
This mission will allow you to recruit Ursula
Instead of getting paid, you will get some new armor that resists all status afflictions. Personally, I think this is one of the best armor available; it has decent defense, and the lack of all status ailments more than makes up for anything else. If you are taking damage, equip the Auto Cure skill, and you should be fine.

After the above missions, the following can be recruited:

Star (Vancoor)
After the mission, talk to him.
Star (and Sebastian) clean the Vancoor building from 9am to noon, starting in the bathroom, and finishing in Elwen's office. From 1-4pm they are in Vancoor Square, and then back in their room by 9pm.
Sebastian (Non-Guild)
Talk to him with Star in your party.
Sebastian keeps the same schedule as Star, so go to where Star would be, and you should find Sebastian.
Ursula (Vareth)
Talk to her after the mission. (That would be after you reported back to Thanos, not just after the battle)
She is in the Moon Tower on the first floor from 10am-1pm, in the cafeteria from 1-4pm, and in the lab with Claudia from 6pm-3am.

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[windvalley] Wind Valley

You can fight the fake transporters for experience, collect the various treasures, or go directly to the Wind Dragon. Since I like to level up, I spend some time fighting before seeing the dragon.

The Strategy Guide has a map that can show you which are real and which are monsters. There might also be a map available from gamefaqs, but you really don't need any maps to tell the difference. If you approach a real transporter, the camera will turn to show you where you will be blown across to. If you approach a fake transporter, this doesn't happen. Kicking a real transporter will send you to another spot (after you move into the wind stream); kicking a fake transporter will start a battle.

Read the notes about recruiting Dynas before you approach the back area with the Wind Dragon. I never had any problems with the Wind Dragon, even with only three in my party. Remember, however, that I tend to level up a lot, so if you don't do that, you might want to be more careful. Keep an eye on Miranda, since she doesn't tend to heal herself unless you tell her. Don't bother with your Volty at the begining of the fight; wait until the second half, when the dragon is changed.

Dynas (Non-Guild)
If you have an empty place in your party, Dynas will join you for the start of the battle (which will add him to your Friends List). He will be defeated before the second half, so if you already have recruited him from a previous game, you probably don't want to keep a space open for him.

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[duel] Duel Gawain

After the Wind Dragon has been defeated, you will get some cut scenes and end up near Fort Helencia, where you will encounter Sir Gawain. You won't be able to win this battle, so don't worry about it.

Next will be some more cut scenes where Jack is in the Castle Infirmary. After this will be a touching cut scene with Ganz and Cody. When its all over, you will gain control of Jack outside of the castle.

When you get back from Wind Valley, you can do the previous missions if you decided not to do them before. You will also have some new missions available:

Letter of Defiance
This mission will allow you to recruit Rocky. (The strategy guide claims you can get this after the duel with Gawain, but I got it after the monk training mission.)
You can't recruit Rocky after the first fight; you have to visit him at the end of the road in Septem, where you can get a dumpling. Return to Vancour, get paid, and then accept the "Alien Monster" mission, which will take you very near to where you can meet Rocky and recruit him. After you recruit Rocky, go around the bend to the castle and complete the "Alien Monster" mission.
Even though Rocky is part of the Olacion Order, you don't need to recruit him in order to get Kain.
Alien Monster
(Algandars Castle, which is on the back road past Septem Cave)
This will allow you to recruit Ardoph and Dimitri, and get the Demon Armor, as well as the Book of Angels that Leona is looking for.
You might not be able to find Ardoph and Dimitri until the day after you complete your mission, so if they aren't there when you try, wait until the next day.
The Demon Mail has a very high defense, but continually drains Jack of HP. Personally, I don't care for it, but others think it is great. If you wear it, then you should either have Auto Cure equipped or have the healer concentrate on healing you.

At this point, the Blood Orc homeworld should be available (I was able to get to it after recruiting Rocky but before going after the Alien Monster. You might want to try before recruiting Rocky.) Go to Ocho, where you got the Smilodon Fang, and follow the path to where Jack decided to go back when you were first here. This is a great place to level up, especially since there is a journey pig at the entrance. (Make sure you kick the pig so you can get back there easily.) If you haven't recruited Claudia yet, now is your chance to get a Blood Orc's Horn. Put Nocturne in your party, and he will probably steal some for you. I had him in my party the first time I got there, and he stole four just from the critters on the outside.

Here are the characters you can recruit at this time:

Adele (Non-Guild)
You can't recruit her yet, but make sure you talk to her if you plan to recruit her later.
Ardoph (Vareth)
Talk to him after you get back from Algandars Castle
You can find him in the Vareth cafeteria from 10 to 11am, and in the Moon Tower B1 class room from noon to 4pm. After that, he is next door in the lab with Claudia.
Dimitri (Vareth)
Talk to him after you get back from Algandars Castle
He is at the Begin Eatery from 11am to 6pm. (Nice job, eh?)
Leona (Vareth)
Talk to her in the Vareth Institute Library (noon-7pm) and find out she is looking for a book. Check with the librarian who tells you Aldo has it checked out. Talk to him and give it to her. (You can do this step earlier in the game.)
Next she is looking for the Book of Angels (that you got from the Algandars Castle) Give it to her and she will join.
Rocky (Olacion)
Note: Rocky doesn't have to be recruited in order to get Kain.
Go to the lake northwest of the Dark Elves' place. You can take the journey pig, go east, and then southwest when you get a chance. Talk to Rocky and defeat him.
After your first fight, talk to Rocky near the ruins beyond Septem Cave (the same place where you found the meteorite and/or tsuchinoko), and he will join.

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[dynas] Meet with Dynas

When you are ready to progress the game, sleep at Jack's house. You will be invited to meet with Dynas. Then you will meet the large man from Vancoor Square again, who wants you to help him get into the castle. (Great timing, huh?) Go to the castle for the meeting, watch the movies, and you will gain control outside of the castle when the meeting is over.

At this point, you will be allowed to enter the castle. This means you can recruit some new characters, and finish recruiting Walter. Remember that you need Walter if you want to get Elwen; the rest of these characters are optional, and you only need them if you want to recruit all available characters. If you have already done that in a previous game, you probably don't want to bother with any of them except for talking to Sheila in the prison. You should probably go right back inside the castle and recruit the following.

If you ever leave the castle but Jack thinks he can't get back in, walk left a bit to another door. This is the public entrance, and you can get into the castle from there.

You can now recruit a number of people in the castle.

Astor (Non-Guild)
He is the cook of the castle, and remembers when he cooked for your father. Talk to him and he will join. You can talk to him across the counter when he is in the kitchen, or while he is walking in the halls. He is in the banquet hall kitchen from 7am-11am, and in the banquet hall itself from 3pm to 9pm.
Charlie (Radiata)
Talk to him. He is in the training room from 7 am to noon. Of course, you could try walking into the woman's room. ;^)
Put him in your party with Nina and watch how the two behave the same.
Nina (Radiata)
Talk to her while she is training (from 2-7pm) and agree to duel. Do this again on a following day and she will join.
Patrick (Radiata)
Catch him drinking in the dungeon watchroom shortly before 9pm and promise not to tell. (If he isn't drinking when you go in, go back out and try again.)
When done, go next door and recruit Putt (see below).
Putt (Radiata)
Catch him sleeping one room to the right of Patrick around 9pm and promise not to tell.
The Official Strategy Guide claims he is in the watchman's room, but he is actually in the next room.
After you have recruited Putt, visit Sheila's cell and talk to her.
Walter (Vancoor)
After recruiting Patrick and Putt, find Sheila's cell and talk to her
Talk to Walter (he leaves his house in Vancoor Square around 6am and is in the Quinton Locker Room until 6pm), to give him Sheila's message and he will join.
Zeranium (Non-Guild)
Talk to Lord Larks until he tells you about a former fighter. The easiest way to find Lord Larks is around 8am in the audience chamber.
Talk to Zeranium (the trash picker) until he joins.
To find Zeranium, start at the trash area near your house, go west and south, then follow the path to where Ernest plays, then go to the Void community, checking all the trash areas you pass. He will probably be picking through the trash somewhere along that route.

[firemtn] Go to Fire Mountain

If you sleep twice at Jack's place, you will be ready to leave for Fire Mountain. There will be some cut scenes, of course, so sit back and take note. If you look at the face of the fire dragon when he takes off, you might notice a resemblence to a previous character. You will have to travel through the Goblin town, so either avoid the goblins or fight them for experience. (You will have to fight some, but there are others you can avoid.) The map in the strategy guide doesn't show it, but there is a recovery circle at the north east section of the first area of Fire Mountain.

There are two areas to Fire Mountain. In the first area, rocks will rise and fall periodically. This means that you can't move forward or back for a certain period of time. If you get to a ledge, wait a few seconds to see if a passage opens up. If you are on a section that goes up and down, it won't go down as long as you are standing on it.

If you didn't get the Blood Orc's Horn earlier using the training method, or at the Orc's homeworld, here is where you can find one. You will see a Blood Orc on a side path as you first enter, and there is another one on top of a vine/branch at the west end of the first area. Once you enter into the second area (climb down a vine at the north west corner of the first area and walk through the opening), you will find some more.

You can go right when you emerge into the second area for some more experience, but the Fire Dragon is to the left.

When you get close to the Fire Dragon's home, a cut scene will take over. Also, after you beat the Fire Dragon, you will automatically be taken back to the castle. This means you want to come back later and open a couple of chests that you couldn't get on your first trip. You might as well do it right after you get back, since you probably remember how to get in and out of there by now.

You might want to come back here on a regular basis, since you can sometimes find a Tsuchinoko here. It is probably easier to do this when you are on the non-human path.

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[genius] Meet Genius in the Sewers

A new mission will be available concerning the sewers again. Be very careful before you take on this mission. It will trigger two events: Ganz's Letter, and the Fireworks Date. If you don't want either of them to kick in, you should avoid finishing the mission.

Secret of the Sewer
This will allow you to recruit Genius
If you wondered about the shrine that Elwen and Alicia visit every day, there is another strange thing down there.
Head there, but this time you will see a cut scene when you get to the square room. It appears that the original builders of the city constructed some things down there.
Genius will show you some strange paintings and explain a few things. He is trying to figure some things out, but is stumped. You will actually give Genius a clue to solving his riddle.

When the cut scenes are done, you will be outside of the place where Genius is staying. Go back inside and talk to him to recruit him.

Once the mission is complete, you can recruit the following:

Genius (Vareth)
When the cut scene is over, go back in and talk to him.
Curtis (Vareth)
Genius should finish out the Vareth Institute. If you recruited everyone else, talk to Curtis in the Observatory from noon to 9pm.
Thanos (Vancoor)
If you completed all missions and reported back to him, he should join you at this point. If he isn't ready, you probably forgot to talk to him after a mission, or didn't do one of the missions, and there is most likely no way to fix it.
Elwen (Vancoor)
Thanos should complete recruitment of Theater Vancoor. Talk to Elwen and beat her in a duel. If you lose, you can try on another day (for as many days as you need)
Since Elwen has King of Day, fight her at night.
Nyx (Void)
Talk to him with Curtis, Kain, and Elwen in your party, then beat him in a duel. (I'm not sure what happens if you lose, so save before you fight him.)
Since Nyx has King of Night, you should fight him during the day.
If you haven't met Nyx yet, talk to Ortoroz after you completed the mission to find meteorite fragments. He will eventually take you in to meet Nyx. Once this is done, you can go in there any time.

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[ganz] Ganz's Letter

According to othe Official Strategy Guide, the Blood Orc homeworld is now accessible. It actually has been available since after you recruited Rocky, possibly after your duel with Gawain. That is a great place to level up if you need to. That is in the Desneuf Region, the area next to the Ocho region where you got the Smilodon Fang. If you tried to go there earlier in the game, Jack would stop and say something about coming back later. This is later. None of the other new areas that you visit from the non-human path are available.

If you haven't done the non-human path, near the journey pig is a rock with a rope hanging down. Use it to descend to the Orc Caves. One of the things you can get there is a Kings Toadstool, which isn't of use (except you can sell it), but it is used to recruit some black goblins on the non-human path. If you have trouble finding it, look at my section Finding the King's Toadstool. It doesn't carry over between games, but you can sell it to the first store in the Void Community (Faid General Store). If you enter the store, the shop keeper will notice that you have the Kings Toadstool, and offer 100 for it (even though other stores will pay 200 for it). I have had people tell me it will then be available for subsequent games, but that has not been my experience.

If you sleep at Jack's house, you will receive a letter from Ganz, followed by some other cut scenes. The following new characters will then be available:

Flau (Void)
Talk to her.
Rynka (Void)
Talk to Cody and he will tell you he lost his mother's necklace
Find the neclkace in the Path to the Beast Pit (in the corner near where Rynka hangs out) and give it to Cody.
Talk to Rynka, who will thank you.
Talk to Rynka on another day, and she will ask you if you know what Cody (her son) wants for his birthday.
Talk to Cody in the Levante Store in the morning (7-10am). He will tell you he wants one of the swords there.
Talk to Rynka, and she will admit that she would rather not buy him a sword
Talk to Cody at least a day later.
Talk to Rynka until she joins
You can do all of this in less time than you might think.
Day 1
Talk to Cody early in the morning, find the necklace and give it to him.
Find Rynka and talk to her (she will hear about what you did even though she and Cody haven't seen each other.)
You have the rest of the day to do whatever you want.
Day 2
Just past midnight, talk to Rynka near her street lamp, She will ask you what Cody wants for his birthday
Wait for Cody in the Levant store until 7am when he comes in. Talk to him and he will tell you he wants the toy sword.
Go to Rynka, who is by now standing in front of Vancoor in the morning and tell her what Cody wants.
You have the rest of the day to do whatever you want.
Day 3
Talk to Cody early in the day (like 7am in the store).
Talk to Rynka in front of Vancoor until she joins.
You are done recruiting Rynka and it is still early in the day.
So you can recruit her in three days and still spend most of those days leveling up or doing whatever else you want.

At some point around this time, when pass your mailbox you will notice a letter inviting you to the fireworks. This is a cut scene type event. The person you will be watching the fireworks with depends on which female has been in your party the most. (For this date, Charlie counts as a female.) Obviously, this only includes the characters you could have recruited by this point in the game (so, for example, Natalie isn't available). Not all females are listed in the strategy guide (Elwen isn't, for example.) See the separate section on the Fireworks Date.

Someone suggest a way to postpone the Fireworks Date, but I haven't had time to test it yet. Since the Fireworks start in the evening, go into your house during the day and then sleep. That way, you will be asleep when the time for the Fireworks arrives. I'm not sure if that will work, but if it does, it might be possible to postpone the Fireworks Date until after Lupus Gate, which is how you could get Natalie for a date. If anyone tries this, let me know how it works.

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[lupus] Fight at Lupus Gate

If you sleep, you will set in motion a number of cut scenes, ending in a battle at Lupus Gate. You are going to have to do two battles in a row, so you might want to save your volty for the second fight (or equip "Save Volty" so you don't use it all up on the first attack.)

When all the cut scenes are over, you are standing outside of Lupus Gate. You probably want to go back and save before you start the end of the game.

At this point you can recruit two more characters:

Natalie (Radiata)
Talk to her and she will join. You can find her in the fourth floor hallway from 6am to noon, and then in the meeting room from 1 to 7.
Leonard (Radiata)
Talk to him with Natalie in your party. You can find him training room from 9am to noon and then 6pm to 10pm.

Notice you will have to recruit Natalie, run down to Vancoor and put her in your party, and then run back up to the castle to recruit Leonard. Consider using the feathered earring. Don't forget to take Natalie out of your party before you get into any tough fights. It is highly unlikely you will ever actually use these characters, so if you have recruited them in a past game, you can ignore them this time.

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[end-human] End of the World

If you haven't bought and read the Book of Power (Use Volty), now is a good time to do it. You will have tough fights, and Elwen's volty does much more damage than yours.

Leave the Lupus Gate and make your way through the Septem Region. Take the turn that goes to the Algandars Castle, but then take the road that branches off to the south. If you tried this before, a soldier blocked the bridge. He is gone now. There will be very strong enemies guarding that area, so it is a good place to level up. Follow the main path to the end of the area, and you will be in the Desneuf Region. The really nice thing is that there is a journey pig there, so coming back will be much easier. Continue onward until you reach the actual final area, and then go back if you want to recruit Adele.

Adele (Non-Guild)
You can't recruit Adele until after your final duel with Gawain and you enter the End of the World. She is either in her house, or standing by the well talking to a friend.
Keep talking to her until she joins.
She is the only person on the human path where you can learn the Wind Defense Skill
She is pretty weak, so I'm not sure you will be able to use her, since it is so late in the game. But, if you want to recruit all the characters, it only takes a Journey pig to the Tria Region.
You might have noticed several times in the walkthrough where I said to visit Adele. I'm not sure all of those are needed, but I do know that if you don't visit her until the end, you won't be able to recruit her.
The idea seems to be that you are supposed to talk to her after a number of events and tell her what has been going on. The first time I played this game, I never talked to her much during the actual game, and Jack kept telling her all the things that had happened, one after another. At other times, she didn't join, so you have some freedom when recruiting her, but don't push your luck.
My guess is that you need to talk to her before the split, telling her that you got fired as a knight, and after the two times you fight Gwain. But I could be wrong, and since I tend to be paranoid about missing people, I talk to her every so often when I am in the area.

The City of White Nights is a series of ladders and sand falls, something like chutes and ladders. Down ladders are always safe to use. Some up ladders will take you to the next level, while others will break and drop you down to some level below. Likewise, if you walk into a sand spill, you will get knocked down a level or two. Walk slow to avoid them (try equiping Leprechaun). The sand falls only flow for a short time, and then you can move past them. As you saw when you first entered, the path is actually circular, so if you move off the right side of any map you are using, will you be located somewhere on the left side.

The Strategy Guide has a map with one glaring omission (well, several, but one that will seriously impact you if you are using it.) Around the first blue arrow indicating falling from a broken ladder above you is a sand spill that isn't indicated in the map. The first couple times I kept forgetting and kept getting knocked off. I then had to figure out where I was and continue from there.

Actually, you want to get knocked off at a certain place so that you can move to the next area. The only way to get from the entrance area to the final boss is to drop down to a different level at some point. The gamefaqs website has a map that has some stuff missing, but will show you some things that aren't on the map in the Strategy Guide. I will provide instructions on how to get all the treasures, since there really isn't any good map that I know of for this area. Walk slowly so you can see the sand falls, otherwise you will fall off and probably have trouble figuring out where you are and how to get back. I will tell you which ladders to use, but be careful that you don't lose count when you get into some fights.

The dumpling is at the left end of the top level, even though the Strategy Guide claims otherwise. (Remember that they will carry over between games, so even if you don't think you need it, you can save it for a later game.)

At this point, you want to fall down to a lower level. the first up ladder to your right will collapse. Climb it and you will fall down a few levels, or walk a few more steps and let the sand fall take you to the same place. (If you load a completed game with Continue, and try to beat the boss again, the up ladder will still be collapsed, so you will need to use the sandfall.)

Equip the sword, since it has a higher attack power (127) than what you probably have, plus a side effect of death, and a CP of 15, which is very handy.

The remaining sections have lots of sand falls, so make sure you walk slowly to avoid them. If you mess up, then hunt around until you find the healing point or the empty chest for the Falvern to get your bearings.

It isn't as confusing as it sounds, since in many cases there is only one ladder going up.

You will be standing on a platform where you can go either left or right. If you don't want the Monk Bangle (Defense +10), skip to the next paragraph. There is only one Monk Bangle per game, so if you did a Continue from a completed game, the chest will be empty. Also, the Monk Bangle doesn't carry over between games, so you have to get it during each game.

You can see the stairs, but read the next few sentences before you move.
By this time, you might have developed a bad habit of standing close to a sand fall, then running across the area when it stops. Don't do that here. There are two sand falls right in a row, and if you are not very careful, you will get knocked down by the second sand fall.

Step in the healing spot and save at the flag. At this point, you might want to put the controller down, get up and walk around a bit. All that's left is the final boss, which is the longest and most difficult fight so far. Keep an eye on the health meters, commanding Kain to heal as soon as someone takes any significant damage. Whenever the volty meter fills up, have whoever has the strongest volty attack use their volty.

Watch the ending and the credits, and then confirm that you want to save your game. This will allow you to visit the post-game bonus dungeon, and/or start a new game, keeping some of the stats from this one. See the Post-Game section for what to do next.

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Non-Human Path

[path-fairy] Non-Human Path

These parts of the story are only available after the split, and only if you chose the follow Ridley instead of going to the castle. Obviously, all the characters you can recruit from this point forward are non-human (except for a few like Gawain, Ganz, and Ridley). Any human characters you might have recruited will be removed from your Friends List, which is now located in Fort Helencia. All the humans will still be in the Friends List from your menu.

Instead of getting missions from Thanos, you will now be getting them from the council room. If you aren't sure what to do next, go in there and talk to everyone.

You and Ridley want to head towards the City of Flowers. You can't take the journey pig, which means that you will be fighting with just you and Ridley. If you have been leveling up, that won't be a problem; otherwise, fight agressively so that Ridley can't get into too much trouble. You can use the "Back Away" command if you need to. You probably want to save your game in a different slot before you leave town. If you didn't recruit that many non-humans, you might run into problems with too weak of a party. If so, then you will want to level up a bit.

You will see a number of cut scenes on your way there. The healing spot outside Fort Helencia is gone, but the blue save flag is still there.

When you arrive, you will see a cut scene. When you get control, travel to Fort Helencia. You will be fighting any critters along the way on your own, or you can take the travel pig instead. The healing spot will be back, and you probably want to use it and save before you approach the fort.

More cut scenes, some fights, rinse, repeat. When it all ends, you will wake up inside Fort Helencia, and Ridley will tell you to come to the strategy meeting. This is your new room, with all the comforts of home: a save point, a bed, and a record player.

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Non-Human Path

[parsec] Meeting with Parsec

There will be a cut scene of a strategy meeting, where you will learn the background story from the fairy creatures' point of view. If you took my advice and have already chosen the Human Path in a previous game, you might notice that many of the major story events in the game still happen, but you get the see the other side of the story. In both paths, Cross is obnoxious.

Before you take off on your first mission, you should talk to everyone. This is one of those "get to know everyone and where they are" type recruiting sessions that forces you to talk to everyone. You will get a chance to recruit some more characters, and to set up two shops. To start the recruiting process, visit the shop in the south-east corner of the fort. There you will find two shop owners arguing over who should be able to set up a shop. This will start you on one of those lengthy quests to help you get oriented to your new surroundings. You will have to keep visiting different people until the decision is made that each of them can open their own shop. Once that happens, you can start the actual recruiting.

Once the two shops are set up, you can buy items and also recruit the shop owners. If you have already played the human path and the bonus dungeon, you should have a lot of money which you can use to recruit the two shop owners. If you are short of money, after you recruit one shop owner, you can sell back all the items you bought (at a loss, of course) to get some of your money back.

You will be stuck with Ridley and Codeco, so you can pick one other character to be in your party. You will notice the Friends List in the Courtyard of the fort. I recommend Romaria, your healer, as the fourth member of your party, since she is also a good fighter and you will probably be taking her to the end. But you could use Gil after you recruit him. Since Gil attacks all enemies at once, and if you have been leveling up, you might not need healing that much.

Here is who you can recruit at this point:

Talk to him
Talk to him and beat him in a duel
I suggest you replace Santos with Gil as soon as you recuit him. Gil has an attack that hits multiple enemies. If you like being the one doing the victory dance at the end of battles, you will have your work cut out for you.. This is a very aggressive party.
Talk to him. He is outside the fort drinking a lot
Buy 10,000 worth of items from her, and then talk to her in a few days.
Spend 10,000 in her store and then talk to her in a few days.
Talk to him. He is outside the council room.
Talk to him when he is training between 9am-noon, or 2-7pm, and agree to fight him.
Beat him on three different days and he will join. (If you sleep, it will be the next day and he will be training soon.) You might want to check with Marsha and Keanea to see if they have noticed that you are their best customer.

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Non-Human Path

[goblin-haven] Goblin Haven

After you have recruited everyone possible, you can set off for Goblin Haven. The journey pig isn't working, so you will have to walk. Stop off at Wind Valley if you want some experience and money.

When you get to the Goblin Haven area (across the bridge), take some time to wander around and get used to the area. There are a lot of dead-ends, and a few loops as well. Kick the mushrooms to go up and down. Coco will leave your party once you arrive at the actual place.

If you run across Ricky before you arrive, you can recruit him if you go back to the bridge and find his wolf.

Once you arrive at Goblin Haven, use the Save Point. you will be able to start recruiting some more characters:

Find and talk to Ricky to find out that he is missing Happy (his wolf. Ricky is a wolf rider). Find Happy near the bridge that you used to get to this area and give him an herb
Go back and talk to Ricky.
Technically, you can do this before you get to Goblin Haven, but there is no big advantage of doing this. If you run into Ricky on your way to Goblin Haven, then recruit him; if you don't, find him on your way back home.
Remember where you found him, since you will have to find Dominic in the same location later with Ricky in your party. Fortunately, by that time the journey pig should be working.
Talk to him with a two-handed sword equpped when he is staring at his toadstool. (Between 4-10am or 2-11pm) If you have something else equipped, he will mention a two-handed sword.
Fight him and win.
Talk to him, then fight him and win. He will ask you a question before the fight.
He is in the southeast corner of the lower level. He is hard to find if you don't know where to look.
Talk to him when he is spaced out (11am-2pm, or 10-11pm)
When he is "normal", he is on a ledge in the lower level. When he spaces out, he falls off the ledge and lands with "confuse" stars around him
Talk to him and then immediately defeat him three times in a row. (He isn't hard, but you can always save before hand.)

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Non-Human Path

[gawain1] First Fight with Gawain

You can't beat Gawain the first time, but you can then fight him as often as you want. He doesn't recover HP between fights, so eventually you should be able to beat him. Take advantage of the healing circle between fights.

Danny is apparently bi-polar. Sometimes he is normal, and sometimes he is crazy. It isn't always easy to tell the difference, however. I think that if he is standing, he is normal, but if he is sitting, he is spaced out.
Talk to him when he is spaced out. On another day, talk to him when he is normal. Try talking to him just after midnight.
Danny sells Life and Mystery Berries between 7am-9pm when he is normal.
Talk to him when you are wearing the recruitment suit you got from the Goblin Cemetery.
Talk to him while wearing the recruitment suit.
Talk to him while wearing the recruitment suit

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Non-Human Path

[gawain2] Defeat Gawain

After you defeat Gawain, more folks are available for recruiting:

Talk to him. He wants five Matango larvae from the Sediche Region.
Find five larvae, then give them to Alan.
You will find him being attacked by two Matangos
Defeat the Matangos, then defeat Bosso in a duel
He joins automatically as part of the game. (Similar to Ganz and Ridley on the human side.)
Note: If you don't have the King of the Night skill, fight enough link battles with Gawain so you can learn it. Your only chance is on the trip back to Fort Helencia, so don't take the journey pig if you need to learn it.
Lufa is the cook in the Dark Elf Village
Talk to her and learn she wants some of Polpo's soup
Give her some soup. You can get it from Polpo
Note: Polpo's soup will carry over from game to game. So, if you have previously played the non-human path, you can collect the soup, and then give it to her during some future game after the Friends List is created.
Talk to him
He lives in the first house in the City of Flowers.
Talk to him while he's cooking his soup, and find out he needs three Deathclover Larvae
Find them in the area outside of Goblin Haven. When you look at a larva, Jack will mention it and take it.The dumpling is at the left end
Go back to Polpo while he is cooking his soup and give him the larvae
If you talk to him, he will give you some of his soup (restores 160 HP) once a day.
Talk to him and find out he wants a rainbow crystal
Give it to him. (It is in the Goblin Cemetery area if you don't already have it.)
Row is in the Elder's house from 10am-3pm
Shin hates humans. You need to soften him up.
Talk to him and beat him on four separate days.
You can find him in the City of Flowers outside the house that is just before the Elder's house from 5-5:30am, 9am-12pm, 3-6pm, and 11-midnight. and at other places within the city at other times during the day.
If you sleep and take the Pig to the City of Flowers, you will be able to catch him. Keep that up until he joins.

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Non-Human Path

[helencia] Escort Gawain to Fort Helencia

After you have recruited as many characters as you want, you can head back to Fort Helencia for some cut scenes. If you don't already have the skill "King of the Night", do enough link fights to learn it from Gawain. When you get back, take everyone out of your party, then talk to Coco, so you can recruit him. (Make sure you don't talk to Mikey before this; otherwise, he will be stuck in your party until you get back from Algandars Castle.

At this point, the following characters should be available now or shortly:

Talk to him when you have an empty party (you are all alone)
Talk to him with Ricky in your party. He will be at the same place you originally found them.
Talk to her near the entrance to the City of Flowers (which is anytime except 2am-9am) and agree to a race.
Run to the tree at the top of the hill outside of the Eastern entrance to Fort Helencia. If you don't normally have the Feathered Earing equipped, you probably want to put it on for this race. It also helps if you take the journey pig.
(Fortunately, she doesn't travel during any fights, but you might want to clear out that path before you accept.) If you lose, you can go back and try again (even on the same day), as long as she is still there.
Talk to her when you have a party consisting of a dark elf, a green goblin, and a black goblin.
Mikey is my favorite dark elf. He refuses to hate humans, even if you pick the Human Path. You won't be able to recruit him until after you go to Algandars Castle with him.
Talk to him when he is reading in the brewery (10pm-2am) and he will ask for a story
Tell him a story. Repeat this on three separate days. If you talk to him just before midnight, wait a few minutes and talk to him after midnight.
Talk to him after you have recruited all of the dark elves
You won't be able to recruit him until after you get Mikey, who is after Algandars Castle. Don't forget to recruit Lufa and Zida, if you didn't to that at the beginning of the game. You can get the Polpo soup from Goblin Haven, and you will be going to Fire Mountain soon, where you can get a Blood Orc's Horn.

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Non-Human Path

[settle_helencia] Settle into Fort Helencia

Once you recruit Clarence, you should consider swapping out Martinez for him. You are about to recruit JJ, who is a massive Green Orc and a heavy hitter that you might consider for your final party. If you look at Clarence, his stats are better than Martinez. On the other hand, if you have been leveling up, Martinez may have much higher HP than Clarence. You might not have time to build up Clarence before you recruit JJ, so the choice is yours. Either Martinez or Clarence should be fine in your party.

Here are the missions you will have available. You will have to do them sequentially in this order: (i.e. you have to start and finish the first mission, then start and finish the second one, etc.)

Algandars Castle
Talk to Mikey, and he will ask you to take him to Algandars Castle to look for a possible cure to the disease. The inside of the castle is basically the same as it was during the Human Path, including the boss fight.
Goblin Cemetery
If you talk to Marco, who sells books just outside the upper entrance to Goblin Haven, he will ask you to find a book in the Goblin Cemetery. He will be surprised that you know the secret password. Most of the monsters in the cemetery are too weak to be of much use for leveling up, so just run through to the boss room and then run back out. (it's times like this that I wish the game had an "Exit" spell.)
When you give the book to Marco, he will pay you a reward. He isn't available for recruiting yet, but he will be available shortly.
Special Ore
Talk to Dyvad in Fort Helencia, who is looking for some very special ore in Earth Valley. Use the journey pig to get there and find it for him in the mine. Enter the mine using the upper bridge that you used at the start of the game. Go straight through the first room, then take the exit in the back wall in the second room, down the elevator, and then straight through the third room.
As with the Goblin Cemetery, the monsters here aren't worth fighting too much, so just run through the area and get the treasure. Of course, you will have a boss fight at the end, but it isn't that tough. When you give the ore to Dyvad, he will give you a Deep Lance (which you probably already have). Talk to him again and you can recruit him.

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Non-Human Path

[elwen] Fight Elwen

When you are ready to progress the game, sleep in Jack's room and watch some cut scenes. When it is over, you should head towards Fire Mountain. Before you go, though, you can revisit Goblin Haven to recruit Marco. (You can use the journey pigs, which makes this easy.)

When you start across the bridge after the Green Goblin Village, you will run into Elwen. You don't have to beat her, but if you want to try, it won't be easy. For starters, you want to fight her at night, since she has King of the Day. What makes this easier is that your whole party will be fighting her, not just you. If she starts to flash, then defend and let your party fight her until she has used her volty. (Sometimes she uses her volty to cure herself.)

If you aren't at around 1,500-2,000 HP, and you want to beat Elwen (which isn't actally necessary), then consider leveling up before you try. If you have a lot of money, you can buy some Life Berries from Danny at Goblin Haven. Take the journey pig to Lupus Gate, then walk to Earth Valley, taking all the side roads. (See the discussion on leveling up in the intro.) Use the money to buy more Life Berries. Keep this up until you are either 1,500-2,000 HP or too bored to continue.

If you beat her, you can proceed to Fire Mountain. If she beats you, she will still let you proceed to Fire Mountain. After the fight, the following should be available. (Actually, they are available before now, but the official strategy guide claim they are only available now.)

Talk to him.
Talk to him when he is reading (not selling) a book (10pm to 6am). Answer "Ignore it", "Save them", and finally, "That person is crazy."
The Official Strategy Guide claims you can't recruit him until after fighting Elwen, but I was able to do it before then.

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Non-Human Path

[fire] Cross and the Fire Dragon

If you didn't get a Blood Orc Horn for Zida yet, here is where you can get one fairly easily. This area is basically the same as when you are on the Human Path, so read that section if you haven't done that yet.

You can't beat Cross, so don't worry about the fight. As with the Human Path, there are two chests that you won't be able to get to this time through the area (because after the cut scenes, you are returned to the fort). Don't forget to come back later and get them.

At the end of the fight, sit back and watch a bunch of cut scenes. You won't get Parsec's match for the Non-Human Path.

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Non-Human Path

[end_helencia]Prepare for End Game from Fort Helencia

Ganz and Ridley are available for your party for a while. Ganz will be in your final party, so you might want to keep him in your party to level him up as much as possible. The other option is to ignore Ganz and basically fight with just three members, ignoring Ganz. I have usually ignored Ganz, but when playing the game while editing version 5.0 of the FAQ, I kept him with me. He will probably never be a good fighter, but I was able to handle the fights when he was in the party pretty well, and after about level 60 he was less of an embarassment. ;^)

When you want the game to progress, speak to Gawain. When you next get control, you probably want to equip your new sword. Speak to Zane to get your next assignment.

Negotiating with the Orcs
Zane will ask you to convince the Green Orcs to join them.
J.J. is near the City of Flowers. Use the journey pig, then go west, north, then north and east. (This is where a Tsuchinoko can be found sometimes.) It doesn't matter how you answer his question.
You will have to go to the Blood Orc home world in order to get J.J. to join. There is a journey pig nearby, which makes returning easy. Go down the rope and keep making your way down to the bottom where you will fight Galvados, the head Blood Orc.
On your way down, find the King's Toadstool, which you need to recruit a few black goblins. You can only carry one at a time, so you will have to come back each time you need one. If you have trouble finding it, see the section on finding the King's Toadstool.
When you are all done, return and talk to J.J., and then talk to Zane.

At this point, the following are available for recruiting:

Talk to him while you have a Kings Toadstool. Beat him in a fight. After the fight, you will give him the toadstool. He is outside of the entrance to Goblin Haven near the journey pig. He is sometimes hard to see because he often stands close to the wall that is higher than him.
You can get a King's Toadstool from the Blood Orc's area. You can only carry one at a time, so expect to be making several trips here.
There is a rumor that you can get one during the human path, if you sold it in the Void Community during the previous game and bought it back in this game before the split. It is a false rumor.
Talk to him when you have a Kings Toadstool and give it to him.
After you report back from the mission where you fought him, go back and talk to him, agree to fight, and beat him.
Talk to him after you have recruited all the Black Goblins
He is a good candidate for your final party. See the discussion below.
Talk to him and get the Blood Orcs to agree to join (and release the Green Orcs). After you beat Galvados, go back and tell J.J., and he will join you.
I have mixed feelings about JJ. He has lots of HP, but he is slow. I found him pretty useless for the final battle with the Ethereal Queen, but that might be because of my fighting style. I kept Gil to the end and did just fine. In fact, I did fine with Martinez instead of Gil.

Now that JJ is available, you might want to add him to your party, which would then be: Jack, JJ, Ganz, and Romaria. Galvados has better looking stats, but I found that he missed more than he hit, while JJ was pretty good. Having said that, Gil might be better choice than JJ at this point (if you have been leveling up a lot). I found that Gil attacked more, but was more likely to get killed off since he gets in close when fighting. So if you decide to use Gil, you might need to pay more attention to the health of your party. I have used both and won, so either is possible. If you have Martinez built up to a pretty high level, you can probably use him instead. When Gil and Martinez are both at level 99, Martinez has more HP, Strength, and Defense, while Gil has more Evasion and Luck. Another character I didn't experiment for a long time is Gruel, the leader of the black goblins. I tried dueling him for his Magic Mirror accessory, and found out that he was very hard to beat, so I put him in my party in the Dragon Lair Cave and he did very well. His volty is very powerful. As always, it depends on your fighting style; the choice is yours. This is one reason why the game has so much replay value; you can keep trying different combinations in your party.

When you are ready to progress the game, sleep in your room. You might want to save your game, just in case. You will have two fights and a bunch of cut scenes. When you get control again, talk to everyone, ending with Zane. Don't miss Naom along the west wall of Marsha's shop.

You will get a letter from Ridley. You will automatically be sent to the meeting place when the time comes, so you can spend time leveling up, recruiting, or whatever. When the cut scenes end, you will probably be attacked by Paul, who is normally stationed at the Ressan Tree.

After the cut scenes, sleep to progress the game. You will have to include Ganz in your final party. If you have been fighting with him already, then fine, but if the rest of your party is a lot above Ganz, you might want to level him up a bit. You will run into Gerald, but again, it will be your entire party fighting, not just you.

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Non-Human Path

[end-fairy] End of the World

Except for the cut scenes, this is basically the same ending as the human path. And, except for Ganz, I think it is a better ending than the human side, which is one of the reasons I recommend that you save this ending for last.

Read the section from the human path for instructions on how to get through the City of White Nights. As I mentioned before, I haven't found any good walk-throughs for this area, and the Official Strategy Guide has a number of mistakes, so I provide you detailed instructions there.

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Non-Human Path

[post] Post Game

[post-intro] Introduction

Once you have finished the game, wait until the end of the credits. You will be asked if you want to save the game. Say "yes", and save the game.

When you go to load your saved game, it will have a red mark on the save slot. You will have the following choices:

This will allow you to beat the final boss again, or wander around doing whatever else you want to do. All your money, items, and experience will be intact.
You will also be able to access a bonus dungeon. The journey pig map will include a new location, which is the bonus dungeon.
You can use this time to gain more money and buy berries and other items, which can help you in the next game. If you equip the Training Device and Pluto's Trophy, you can get huge amounts of experience and money. Once you are at level 99, the experience won't matter as much, but you can use the money for buying things.
Strong from the Start
This term is confusing, since it sounds like "Game Plus" from Chrono Trigger. Unfortunately, it doesn't work that way, but with some planning, it can come close. It will begin a new game, but your HP and experience are reset to the beginning of the game. You will keep all of your skills, money, and some of your items (berries carry over, which you can use to up your stats at the start of the new game). None of your weapons, equipment, etc. are retained, with a few exceptions (e.g., Feathered Earing). For a list of what carries over, see What Carries Over to Next Game.
Before you select this option, read the paragraph on raising money and buying berries in the Dragon Lair section.
New Game
Start a new game, but don't retain anything from the previous game. Probably the only reason you would ever use this option is because the saved game was from somebody else.

Post Game

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[dragon] Dragon Lair

You have two goals for the post game bonus dungeon: (1) You want to level up so that you can beat the Etheral Queen, and (2) Gain money so that you can buy berries for the next game. When you are ready to start a new game, buy as many berries as you can so that you can start the new game with higher stats and lots of money. Remember that you aren't able to buy berries until you get to Theater Vancoor, so just having lots of money at the start of a new game doesn't really help that much. Better to beef up your starting stats using berries, and still have lots of money to buy stuff once they become available. After you have what you think are enough berries, sell all the armor and weapons except what you are currently using (in case you decide to fight some more), and sell all your accessories except the two that carry over: The Feathered Earring and the Training Device. (Supposedly you can equip two training devices and get even more experience.)

When you go into the bonus dungeon, you will be in the center of a pillar that is inside a circular room with four doors around the outside of the room. If you walk back into the center column, you will be given the opportunity to leave. If you leave, you can come back and continue with the dungeon. It is probably a good idea to go back and save your game after each dragon (certainly before the ultimate dragon.)

The bonus dungeon has two parts. The second area isn't available until you have cleared out the first area. The first area has four branches, one for each element. At the end of each path is the corresponding dragon. There are a number of side paths, and some nice items. If you travel clockwise from the entrance, you will encounter paths to the Earth Dragon, Wind Dragon, Water Dragon, and Fire Dragon. Once all four dragons have been defeated, a fifth path will open up to a new dragon directly across from the entrance to the area. This last dragon looks silly, but it is pretty tough. Save your game before you try it, and equip something to prevent or shorten status ailments.

After you have defeated the fifth dragon, the second area opens up. If you walk into the center column, an additional option appears that will allow you to proceed to the second area.

Post Game

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[distortion1] Distortion Corridor - Stair Maze

The second area will take some getting used to. It is basically a set of dungeons connected together. Just like the outside world, all the monsters are regenerated at midnight. This means that if you run back and save the game, you can return to where you left off with little or no fighting. Of course, you might also want to spend time fighting here so you can level up more. At this point in the game, you can sleep at Jack's room if you want to reset all the monsters in the dungeon.

The first area is a series of screens with stairs that look pretty much the same. You enter from the south east corner, and can exit through either the north or west sides. If you pick the wrong exit, you will be returned to the starting screen, which you can easily recognize because of the red switch in the southeast corner. Stepping on the switch will return you to the previous area. (If you have the Official Strategy Guide, the west exit of area 1 connects to area 3.)

If this is not the first time for you:

There is a strength berry north of this location. If you haven't gotten the strength berry, get it now, and move back to the previous screen.

Post Game

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[distortion2] Distortion Area - Element Rooms

This new area starts with a long corridor. Take the western exit and you will end up riding across a chasm on a moving platform. While riding the platform, you will see a series of symbols. Make a note of them, since they are the key to getting through this area. You will go up some stairs and enter a series of rooms with four exits, each marked with a different symbol. Choose the symbols in the same order as you saw earler. If you mess up, you be returned to the starting area and see the symbols again. When you get to the last room, before you go out the last exit, take a detour through the south door to find the Valiant Mail.

If you have trouble remembering, the correct doors are:

The exit is through the east door (gold), but there is a chest in the room through the south door (yellow). The first time you are here, go out the south door and open the chest, then return to the previous room and exit through the east door.

Post Game

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[distortion3] Distortion Area - Valkyrie

Once you get through the maze of rooms, you will find a healing spot. When you exit to the southeast you will encounter Valkyrie. If you beat her, she will join you. She will also give you some really powerful weapons that you probably want to equip.

This is a great time to go back and save, and put Valkyrie in the party in place of Nyx, or whoever your weakest fighter is. Your final party should be Jack, Valkyrie, Elwen, and Kain. To get out of this part of the dungeon quickly, make all the wrong moves to get sent back to the "start" (which when going out is the end). For example, when you go into the first square room in the Distortion Corridor, walk straight across and exit through the west door, which will take you out to the part with all the stairs in that last part that was different than the rest. Backtrack to get out of that square, go down the steps and up the other one, which should take you back to where the red square is. Step on the red square and you are back to the start, where you can exit.

Post Game

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[distortion4] Distortion Area - Secret Doors

When you get back to where you beat Valkyrie, step on the transporter to get into yet another area. In this area, there are hidden doors. If you walk near the spot on the wall where a hidden door is located, you will see a swirling pattern. Kick the wall and the door will appear. The maps for this area in the Official Strategy Guide are all messed up, so don't blindly believe them. You want to make your way west when possible until you find the Boundary Crest, which is the seal for the exit from this area. (The exit is towards the east).

You will find two special doors that are only open during either day or night. If you can't get through one, come back after the time of day changes. Just before the actual exit you will encounter a character called Lezard who you will have to beat.

Post Game

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[fray] Distortion Area - Shrine of Fray

You will exit to an area with a long corridor. At the end of the corridor is a boss. Once you beat that boss, the same area will look messed up, and a second boss will be encountered.

The first boss is Gabriel Celesta. The hard part of this battle is you start out confused. You probably want to equip the "Status Cure" skill before you enter the area, which will allow you to start fighting sooner. These last two bosses are much harder than the ones you've encountered before. When your volty guage is full, you probably want to command Valkyrie to use her volty, which does much more damage than Jack's or Elwen's.

After you beat Gabriel Celesta, you should return to Jack's house and save. The Etheral Queen is much harder. The way I finally managed to beat her on the human path was to keep Jack far away from the Queen and not fight at all. Keep an eye on everyone's status. As soon as the volty guage is full, command Valkyrie to use it. If anyone's health gets down a bit, have Kain cure them. Keep this up, and eventually she will be defeated. She will occassionally move over to where Jack is, so simply move away to the farthest section of the area. A number of the queen's attacks will cause formations to appear on the floor. Avoid those patterns and you should be fine.

I didn't work out this approach until my third time through the game, taking the human path. I had Jack, Elwen, Kain, and Valkyrie all at level 99, and it took three Volty attacks to finish the battle.

This battle is much harder for the non-human path: keep Jack out of the way, and keep directing Romaria to heal whoever is the lowest character in your party. This means the other two party members (probably Valkyrie and somebody like JJ or Gil), will be doing all the fighting. There is no time limit, so just be patient and play conservative. Have lots of cure items. She inflicts status ailments like blaze, bind, petrify. You want to have lots of items to cure your entire party as well as celestial nectar to raise characters after they have died.

If you don't have any luck with the above approach, there is a second, but it is expensive: use tscuchinoko dumplings, which fill your volty guage. At the start of the battle, command Valkyrie to use her volty. Then take a dumpling, which refills your volty guage, and tell her again. Keep this up until you win. You should have at least 3 dumplings by the end of the game: (1) at City of White Nights, (2) on the path to the Water Dragon, and (3) from the stair maze in the Distortion Corridor. If you chose the human path first, then by the time you get here on the non-human side, you should have at least 6 dumplings (3 from the first game and 3 from this game). That should be more than enough to win. If not, then you can always spend some time finding more dumplings. Even if you run out of dumplings, your volty guage will gradually increase just from all the fighting. I was able to win this battle using 6 dumplings plus 2 volty attacks that didn't require dumplings. You can use an analysis ball to see your progress if you aren't sure.

If you first choose the human path, you will have a much better chance of winning this battle. This will give you the Tri-Emblem skill. Since it carries over between games, you don't get anything from the second battle (Jack wakes up in his room saying it was all just a dream). There is no real reason to fight this battle more than once. So, if you are having too much trouble, then simply continue to raise money for the next game.

Once the Ethereal Queen has been beaten, the bonus dungeon is reset. The first area has only four paths, and the dragons are back. You can go through the bonus dungeon again. The only difference is that instead of Valkyrie, you will be fighting the golden dragon. Many of the chests contain one-of-a-kind items (e.e., Ancient Axe); these will be empty. Those that contain more common items (e.g., dumplings and recovery stones) will be filled again.

Since money is carried over between games, you can spend time fighting and earning money. If you buy the Pluto's Trophy from San Patty accessories or Keane's shop in the fort, you will win about 20% more gold than otherwise. The bonus dungeon lets you earn a lot of money, which you can then carry over to your next game. If you start off the next game with a lot of money, it makes the game easier since you can afford the most expensive weapons and armor. Another good use for money is to buy berries from the Alkaico General Store in the Void Community. I generally like to buy the Strength and Defense Berries. Unfortunately, there is no shop in the non-human path that sells all those berries, (Danny sells Life and Mystery berries when he isn't spaced out) so you should buy whatever you need before the split. Remember that you won't be able to buy berries at the start of the game; you will have to wait until you get to Theater Vancoor. This means you should have enough berries at the start of the game to beef up Jack's stats. If you then equip the Training Device, which increases how much experience you get, you should be able to get through the start of the game without any problems.

Post Game

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[subseq] Subsequent Games

The major portions of this walkthrough are aimed at the first two times you play the game. If you follow my suggestion, you will play it first using the human path, followed by the second time using the non-human path. During these two games, you can recruit all of the available characters, learned and maxed out all of the status skills, learned all the weapon skills (including the volty attacks), and learned all the links. You have probably also accumulated considerable money and items by this time.

When you start a subsequent game, your goals are probably different than the first two games. You don't need to recruit all available characters, and you already know all the skills you need. During subsequent times through the game, you can spend time enjoying the details and experimenting using different characters in your party. During one of my play throughs of the game while writing version 6.0 of this document, I tried adding Lufa, since I could add her early because I had Polpo's soup from a previous game. She did surprisingly well, and had the additional benefit of having a Pluto's Trophy equipped, so I was able to earn additional money. If you haven't read the section on Easter Eggs and Silly Things this would be a great time to do that.

You probably want to equip the Training Device so that you and the characters in your party will gain additional experience. I usually leave it equipped the entire game, switching to Pluto's Trophy for more money when they have leveled up enough. I also usually leave Tri-Emblem equipped the entire game, unless I need some protection from status ailments. Don't forget to buy and read the books you want (I often go to issue a battle command, only to find out that I didn't do that.)

During these times through the game, you are more likely to add weak characters during later stages of the game. If your party starts taking a lot of damage after you have been promoted, remember to use links and have Auto Cure equipped to help keep your early party members alive.

A major change during these times through the game is that you only need to recruit the characters you want to recurit: either because you want them in your party, or because they are required to recruit someone else that you do want. For example, if you are using the human path, then you probably want to use Kain, which means you need to recruit everyone from the Olacian Order. The same is true of Vancour, assuming you want Elwen. It is unlikely, however, that you want Curtis and Nyxx, so you only need to recruit the people you want from Void or Vareth. The only ones I use from those groups is Lilly and Cecil. For the non-human path, once you recruit Martinez, Santos, and Romaria, you don't really need to recruit anyone else until you swap out Santos for Gil. You can later recruit Gruel, JJ, or whoever you want in your final party. JJ is certainly easy to recruit, but I think that Gruel is worth the extra effort. The Strategy Guide shows a final party of Jack in Demon Mail, Gruel, Galvados, and (of course) Ganz.

Post Game

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[groups] Members of Each Group

This section can help you if you aren't sure that you got everyone is a given group, or if you can't find how to recruit a particular character. For example, if I said you should be able to recruit Curtis now, and you talk to him but nothing happens, then you probably missed somebody in Vareth Institute. You should then look at your friends list (not from the main menu, but from the book at either the Theater Vancoor or Fort Helencia) and compare the list of members in this section to your friends list. You should be able to identify who is missing, and then try to recruit them.

If you find someone that you need to recruit, but don't remember how to recruit them, find them in the following list, and click on the character's name to be taken to the section in the game when you can recruit that character. If you are using the text version of this FAQ instead of the HTML version, you will see a link next to the name of the character. Compare that link with the table of contents at the top of the FAQ to find out when then can be recruited. (I strongly suggest that you use the HTML version on my web site if you are doing this; it is much easier to click on the link than search for the tag.)

There are some people who you can only recruit at a certain time, or that have other requirements such that you might not be able to recruit them. (For example, to recruit Thanos, you had to have reported back to him after each mission, and finished all the missions.) There are others where you will have to perform several steps before you can recruit them. For these characters, there are links to each step of their recruitment.

[groups-vancoor] Theater Vancoor

You need to recruit everyone else in Theater Vancoor in order to recruit Elwen.

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[groups-olacion] Olacion Order

The Olacion Order is divided into two factions headed by Fernando and Anastasia. You need to recruit all the other members of a faction before you can recruit the leader. You need to recruit both leaders in order to recruit Kain.

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[groups-vareth] Vareth Institute

You need to recruit everyone else in the Vareth Institute in order to recruit Curtis.

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[groups-void] Void Community

In order to recruit Nyx, you need to have Curtis, Kain, and Elwen in your party, which means you have to recruit everyone from the other groups before getting Void the leader.

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[groups-non-guild] Non-Guild Humans

There is no requirement to get all these, but there are some you probably want to recruit for the skills they possess. Also, if you recruit everyone you get to see some artwork in your friends list.

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[groups-non-humans] Non-Humans

If you choose the non-humans path, you have the chance to recruit all of these folks. They are not divided like the humans groups (except by race), although there are certain characters you can't recruit until you recruit specific others, and in a few cases, all the other members of their race.

Dark Elves

Light Elves

Green Goblins

Black Goblins



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[misc] Misc.

This section is a catch-all for things that I think are worth mentioning, but don't really fit anywhere else.

[carry] What Carries Over to Next Game

There is no end to the urban rumors about what is carried over in this game. Hopefully, this section will eliminate (or at least reduce) the number of rumors people send me. The following items carry over from one game to the next:

All Money
All your money will be there
All Status Skills
All you Status Skills like Prevent Freeze, Auto Cure, etc.
All Weapon Skills
Whatever weapon attack skills you have learned in previous games.
A Few Accessories
Feathered Earring
Training Device (no more than one)
You can't carry over more than one of the above accessories
No other accessories will carry over
All Phonograph Records
All records will be in your record player when you get to your house in Vancoor.
No Group Commands
You must buy and read books for each game
No Links Until Gerald
You cannot use Links until Gerald teaches them to you after your promotion, but once he does, you will have all the links you learned previously.
No Friends
You must recruit friends during each game.
However, once you recruit a character, they will be in the friends list on your menu, but you can't add them to your party until you recruit them for this game.
Most Items
Most Common Items that are consumed when used
Items that are not carried over are special items that are used to track game progress. (These are generally the items you weren't allowed to sell) or are used to recruit people, like Gobpakken Seeds and Pointura's Threads.
Of particular interest for improving your starting stats, the following items are carried over:

If you are interested about a specific item, see the Detailed List of What Items Carry Over.

No Weapons
None of your weapons will carry over
No Armor
None of your armor will carry over
No King's Toadstool
Contrary to all the urban rumors floating around, the King's Toadstool does NOT carry over
If you enter Faid General Store in the Void community (behind the lottery) with a King's Toadstool, the shopkeeper will notice it and offer to purchase it, but only pay you half what other stores will pay.
When the next game starts, that store will not have any King's Toadstools for sale.


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[det-carry] Detailed List of What Items Carry Over

This section provides a detailed list of the items that carry over from one game to the next. A brief summary of these items can be found in the Post Game section.

These items will carry over from one game to the next:

In addition to items, all of your money, all weapons skills (e.g. left slash) and all status skills (e.g. auto cure) will be retained.

No Weapons, Articles, or Accessories (except the Feathered Earring and Training Device) will be carried over from one game to the next. The following items will *not* carry over from one game to the next:


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[milk] Tria Milk and Polpo's Soup

Both Tria Milk and Polpo's Soup are items that carry over between games. They are also available to you when you recruit them, and are needed to recruit one other member. You can get more of both items by talking to Tarkin or Polpo. Talk to them during the same time frame they can be recruited. You can only get one per day, but you can build up a large supply. Getting Polpo's soup is trivial - take the Journey Pig to Goblin Haven, walk in and up the ramp to the second floor, talk to Polpo to get the soup, and take the Journey Pig to whereever you were originally going to go. Getting Tria Milk requires a bit more walking, but with the Feather Earring, it doesn't take that long.


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[easter] Easter Eggs and Silly Things

In the programming world, the term "Easter Egg" is used for silly little things that can happen unexpectedly under certain conditions. In the very early games, and even some other electronic devices (like Palm Pilot), programmers added little cute things that you could cause to happen if you did certain things.

As a programmer myself, I am very impressed with the programming staff for this game. I'm a long time Final Fantasy fan, so I wasn't surprised with the quality of the game, but I was very pleased with the attention to detail. (Of course, many of the games by Square have similar things, but I think this game has far more than any other.)

In addition to "Easter Eggs", there are a number of silly things you can do while in the game if you start to get bored. For one thing, you can try to follow a character around and see what they do throughout the day. I am amazed at the complexity of this world, and all the little things that are there. I keep finding new things, and expect to find more. You will probably find a few surprises, and have some fun at the same time. Here are some of the things I have found:

People Watching
Spend some time to closely watch the characters in the game. Follow a couple of characters around for a while and see what all they are doing. There is a great deal of attention to detail, especially considering how many characters there are. Watch their mannerisms, and the detail in the outfits. I keep noticing new things every time I look.
Right after I finished this game for the first time, I started Dragon Quest VIII. Although I liked the game, I was disappointed by the lack of variety of the NPCs. Each town had the same dozen or so characters. There was a crowd scene at one point, and you could see the same identical character many times throughout the crowd. Quite a shock after this game with all the wide variety of characters.
Flau and Godwin
Two characters you can't follow around all day are Flau and Godwin.
This is because they can do things you can't. But, if you are in the right place at the right time, you can see what they do.
Godwin transports himself into the castle every morning around 9am, and back to the city at around 11. He transports himself to Morfin's Clinic around noon, and then to the Olacion Order area around 2pm. (Perhaps that is why Miranda is always running around trying to find Master Godwin.)
Flau is also very interesting. She will be walking along, and suddenly jump over a fence, bridge, or wall and out of sight. If you are lucky, you might also see her jumping over a fence or something onto a path. If you get bored, and are waiting for some later time to recruit somebody, walk along side her and watch her.
Picture Taken
If you go through the Goblin City towards the bridge to Fire Mountain, you will find one of those plywood figures with a cut-out where people can stand behind and get their picture taken. You can get your picture taken here, too.
Try all the doors and stairs
Some doors will never open. Others will only open at certain times.
And still others will sometimes have the occupant talk to you in the doorway. Sometimes you will find treasures behind a door or up a set of stairs.
Look at things with the circle button
Look at pictures and paintings, etc.
Read the posters that are placed on the various walls of the city.
Some will change.
Bathroom Humor
Following people into the bathroom can yield some interesting (and funny) results. You won't see anything X-rated, but you will encounter some "bathroom humor".
BTW - Some men wash their hands after going, while others don't. When you are in the castle, try going into the women's bathroom in the castle. It's near the south entrance.
Talk to Butch while he is checking the boxes in the Void community. Keep talking until he repeats himself. Unlike most other characters, what he says will vary depending on the time / location.


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[stores] Stores and Shops

This section provides the hours for the various stores in the game and what I usually buy there. Some items won't be available until near the end of the game (e.g., a Weapons Shop sells cheap and weak weapons at the start, but then more expensive and better weapons toward the end.) The quality (and price) of weapons and armor goes up as the game progresses.

Stores in Radiata

These stores are available once you leave the Knights and if you choose the Human Path.

Alkaico General Store
This is the only store that sells berries on the humans path
If you are planning to take the non-human path, buy strength and defense berries before the split.
The only berries available on the non-human path are life and mystery from Danny
Chic Records
Dead End Armory
This store sells the Wind Garb, the best armor early in the game.
They also have a good selection of weapons
Lavante General Store
Attack items
Beckoning Cat (Extra items)
Faid General Store
He will buy any Kings Toadstool you have
Black Rose General Store
Attack Items
OK Hand Accessories
Bangles and Bracelets
Verontier Weapons
Weapons and Armor
I mainly use it for weapons. For armor, I use Dead End in Void
Belmont General Store
You can almost never buy anything here. The clerk is always sick. If you wait until he stops coughing, he will sell you something.
Nothing unique, so it probably isn't worth trying.
Survivor Armory
Weapons and Armor
San Patty Accessories
Accessories for learning weapon skills
Divine Earring (no ambush)
Pluto's Trophy (20% more money)
Blade Pharmacy
Status Cure Items
Eisenhower Pharmacy
HP Cure Items
Last Word Book Store
Read books to learn commands
Waldo General Store
HP and Status items
Training Device (extra experience)


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Stores Outside Radiata

Radiata Castle Supply Store
Located on the third floor in the same wing where Jack's room is located.
Earth Valley General Store
Located at the far east of Earth Valley on the same level as the entrance to Earth Valley.
Earth Valley Weapon Store
Located at the far west of Earth Valley on the same level as the entrance to Earth Valley.
Louis the Travelling Salesman
He is located at various locations. You will run into him often.
She is located in the Forest Metropolis on the west side of the dining room
She moves into Fort Helencia during the Non-Human path.
Mint sells items in the Tria Region from 10pm to 10am, and in the Septem Region from 10am to 10pm.

Stores in Non-Human Path

She sells items
She is in Fort Helencia in the room north of the west exit.
She sells accessories
She is in Fort Helencia in the room south of the west exit.
He sells weapons
He is located just west of the north exit from the main room in Fort Helencia
He sells healing and battle items
He is located in Shangri-La
He sells weapons and armor
He is located in Shangri-La
Donkey sells his own records outside of Shangri La after his concerts
You need to buy all his records (once) in order to recruit him.
Pitt sells records in the first building in the City of Flowers.
Danny is the only person who sells berries on the non-human path (but only when he is normal). He is located in Goblin Haven
Unfortunately, he only sells Life Berries and Mystery Berries
Marco sells books
He is located just outside the north exit from Goblin Haven.


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[Songs] Where to Get Records

You probably noticed how the background music changes when you move from one location to another. These are the theme songs for those regions. Certain characters also have theme songs, as well as certain plot elements / cut scenes (e.g., Ridley's Sorrow). You can play any of these songs on your record player, provided you have obtained the record. Records are carried over between games (they will be in your record player, even if they had been in your items at the end of the previous game.)

The following is a list of all the available records and where to find them. Possible record stores are Chic (in the Void Community), Donkey (from him after his concert), and Pitt (in the City of Flowers if you choose the non-human path). If another name is listed, that means you can get it when fighting that character, either by dueling them or on the battlefield. If a location is listed, then you need to kick things in that area to find it.


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[toad] Finding the King's Toadstool

I get enough questions on where to find this, that it is worth a special section. It isn't obvious when you first see it, which is why so many people miss it. During your trip to the bottom of the Blood Orc home world, try all the side passage ways. At one point, you will come in from the left and there will be a rope you can climb down (but don't do that yet). The path will also lead to the left, curve around to the right, and dead-end. Along the front of the path are some dark things sticking up that you might assume to be rock formations. When you get to this area, face south (towards you) and keep clicking "O" while you walk along the path. Once you do this, you will probably remember where to click and it will be easy from then on.

If you still can't find it, then go to the bottom of the cave. Now, take the rope back up one level, and then walk left, around the curve, fight the orc and get the toadstool. It will be to the left of a series of formations sticking up. (If you have a large Hi-Def TV it will probably be obvious, but on a small or older TV it is harder to see.)


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[dumpling] Finding Tsuchinoko Dumplings

The Tsuchinoko Dumpling is a handy item. It can be used to recruit several characters, and it can also be used to restore 100% HP and VP.

The Tsuchinoko is a snake kind of creature that appears at one of eight locations each day. There is no pattern that I know of for where it will appear each day. If you have the feathered earring and journey pigs, you can check most (if not all) of the locations in a single day. Once you find one, you can stop looking; there is only one of them per day. If you take Curtis or equip the Magic Mirror you can get from fighting Gruel, the tsuchinoko is more likely to appear. (I'm not sure I believe that, but that is what the description of the Magic Mirror says).

To obtain a dumpling, enter into a fight with a Tsuchinoko, but don't kill it. It will be poisoned, so use a cure drop to cure it. It will escape, leaving behind a dumpling. The game won't say anything, but if you check your count of dumplings it will have been incremented. The hard part of this is preventing the rest of your party from killing the Tsuchinoko. If you are strong enough, consider going yourself.

Once you have "defeated" a Tsuchinoko, it won't reappear for up to ten days. According to the Official Strategy Guide, it will next appear when the day is a multiple of 10 from the start of the game. Since you don't have any way to determine what day it is, just figure it will be up to 10 days before it shows up again. If sleeping doesn't mess up the story (like during the post-game period), you can sleep, put on the feathered earring, and visit most (if not all) of the possible locations looking for the Tsuchinoko. If you don't find it, sleep and try again.

Here is a cute trick you can use to get a large number of dumplings. The original comment can be found at http://www.gamefaqs.com/boards/924323-radiata-stories/56142498 What I did to try this was that I only had Curtis in my party. As soon as I found a Tsuchinoko, I ordered Curtis to back away. I then approached the Tsuchinoko and fed it a cure drop. You will see an animated sparkle go from Jack to the Tsuchinoko, followed by a return sparkle from the Tsuchinoko back to Jack. The first is Jack giving the cure drop, and the second is the Tsuchinoko dropping the dumpling. As soon as the sparkling trail starts back towards Jack, use a Flee Ball. Jack will run away, but if you look in your inventory, you should find one more dumpling. Now, leave the area and come right back to find the Tsuchinoko is there again. You can keep this up until you run out of cure drops or flee balls, or you get 99 dumplings. If you use the flee ball too soon, and you didn't get a dumpling, then go back and the Tsuchinoko should be there again. If you use the flee ball too late, you will see the victory screen, and it will be up to 10 days before it appears again.

Note:Sometimes you might see the Tsuchinoko after you escape. Don't try to fight it; exit the screen and come back. The one you see doesn't have a dumpling, and You will most likely get a victory screen if you fight it.

My favorite place to use this trick is on Fire Mountain. Once you have used the flee ball, simply walk out the south entrance (not the big doors), and then come back in to find the Tsuchinoko. If it doesn't appear, try going out and coming back in a few times. If you somehow mess up, make sure you sleep for 10 days before you try it again (or reset the game if you saved before you started).

During Post-Game is a great time to win back the dumplings you used during the previous game. You will be strong enough to fight any battle you might get into. Pick the easiest Tsuchinoko locations you can get to. For example, when I was on the non-human path, I picked the Elf Region, the Nowem Region, and the Dorse Region. I would sleep and then set out using the Journey Pig to travel to each location. If no Tsuchinoko was found, I would sleep and try again the next day. Once I find a Tsuchinoko, I keep collecting dumplings until midnight. Then I sleep 10 times and start over again. Remember to keep your supplies of Cure Drops and Flee Balls. At the end of the day collecting them, I buy enough so that I have 99 of each in my inventory.

You can find the Tsuchinoko in one of the following locations:

Dorse Region
Take the journey pig to the Goblin town. Head towards the Goblin Cemetery, but stay on the path (don't turn right). Look at the end of the road.
This is just before where the snake and rainbow crystal are located.
Elf Region
Take the journey pig to the Elf region. Walk west, then north (towards where you fought the Crogocator Mission). You will encounter a spot where you can walk east; follow it to the end.
This is where you find JJ on the non-human path
Fire Mountain
It is in the room where you found Parsec
Nowem Region
Take the circular path clockwise up towards the waterfall area (when you get to the circular path, turn left or west). (This is where you fight Rocky the first time.)
Look near the big log that goes over the path on the left side of the circle.
Ocho Region
Take the path that branches back and to the right. (There is a chest at the end).
Ressan Tree
Exit Radiata through the Faucon Gate, heading for Fort Helencia. Take the side path up to the tree.
Septem Region
Follow the road past the Septem Cave. Don't take the branch that goes away from the screen. Look at the very end the very end of the road.
This is where you fight Rocky the second time to recruit him
Tria Region
Take the pig to the Dark Elf village. Head east and south at the intersection into the Tria Region. After crossing the bridge you should come to some trees. Look right there.
You can also get there by leaving Radiata through the Echidna Gate, take the branch that goes north. It should be near the second group of trees (ignoring the single tree). If you reach the Tria-Nowem Bridge, you went too far.


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[drops] Rare Drops

This section lists some rare items that you can obtain from fights. None of them are essential, but it is nice to know about them.

VIP Badge
This item can be stolen from the Dagol Turtle on the way to the Goblin Cemetery.
It will give you a discount when buying from shops
Although it is nice to have, it is probably only useful the first time through the game. If you take my advice, and spend the Post-Game time building up lots of money, you should be able to buy whatever you want during any subsequent game.
Magic Mirror
No, this doesn't take you back to the start of the dungeon. It does, however, make it more likely to encounger a Tsuchinoko. I don't understand how it works, but I suspect that there is a chance that a Tsuchinoko might not appear under some situations, even if you are at its location.
For more details about dumplings, see the Finding Tsuchinoko Dumplings section.
Gruel drops this after a duel (sometimes). He is very tough, so if you choose the non-human path, duel him until you get one before you recruit him and start leveling him up.
If you take the human path, take Curtis along with you when you are searching for dumplings.


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[fireworks] Fireworks Date

[fireworks_list] List of Fireworks Dates

One of the interesting features of this game is the Fireworks Date, which is only available during the Human Path. At some point after you meet Genius in the sewers, you may find a letter in your mailbox. It will be an invitation to see the fireworks at the castle. The person that shows up to watch them with you is the female that has been in your party the longest time. (Charlie is a possible fireworks date.) You won't see any X-rated stuff. For the most part, you see the two characters who are watching the fireworks, and at some point, the female looks at Jack and usually smiles. Jack, however, never looks at the date; he keeps staring at the fireworks.

The other place where this matters is at the very end of the game. There is a cut scene with Jack leaving Radiata, and you can see the "fireworks date" run up to the gate, and then stand there, watching him go. One person claimed that somebody other than your fireworks date can appear here, if you have increased the affection level of a different character. I haven't seen any evidence of this, however.

A word of warning: it is possible for this event to not happen. Once through the game, I had no females in the party up until just before the fireworks date. I had planned on putting the different women in my party, avoid my house for a while, and then trigger the event. This way, I could keep reloading the game and picking a different woman, so I could report on all the dates without having to keep playing the game over and over again. Well, it backfired on me, because when I did that, I couldn't get the fireworks date to trigger. Somebody else had the same problem for the same reason. Apparently, there is some minimum amount of time you need to have females in your party in order to trigger the invitation.

The second time I tried it worked much better. Whenever I got several women added to my friends list, I took them out long enough to raise their skills a couple of levels. During fights, I kept giving them commands. If I had more than one woman in the party, I made sure their commands were balanced. Then, just before accepting the "Secret of the Sewers" mission, I saved the game in a special location. Then I loaded that game, added the woman I wanted for the Fireworks Date, and spent a day or so with her giving her commands and letting her level up. For lower level women, I started out with the small bugs on the way to the Septem Cave, and then took her through the cave. As long as you are careful not to trigger the cut scenes in the sewer, you can level them up there as well. Depending on who it was and how well they handled themselves, I either had them back away or attack the enemy. I also commanded Kain to heal the woman, which caused him to continue casting healing spells on her. When I thought she was ready, I saved the game (just in case), went into the sewers, and went to Jack's house. This kicked off Ganz's letter. I walked outside, checked the mailbox for the Fireworks Date, and then slept to kick off the fireworks.

If you try this yourself (and I have to wonder about you if you do. ;^), then I suggest you don't try to recruit Godwin until after the Fireworks Date. The reason for this is that you need Miranda in your party for a long time to get her to level 35, which means you will have to keep the other women in your party for even longer. This meant that I wasn't able to actually get Flau or Rynka on the date because (I think) the affection level happens after the sewer rather than when you trigger the invitation.

There is no shortage of theories and claims about this event. There was a site that claimed to have some details behind how your date is chosen. Supposedly, there are a number of things you can do to increase the affection level for each girl. Others who e-mailed me about this issue seemed to think who the fireworks date was depended on a number of things, including issuing commands during battles, the number of times they leveled up, and the total amount of time in the party.

From my experiments, it seems that the amount of time in the party is the biggest factor, although some minimal amount of levels (and/or possibly HP) is also necessary. Giving the person commands during battle sometimes seems to help, but at other times doesn't seem to matter. I had Miranda in my party so that she could level up 10 levels. I never gave her any commands, so she was simply in the party. Since Miranda was levelled up during an early part of the game, it would have taken longer than when fighting orcs, goblins, and dark elves. When I was trying to get Charlie, I had him level up 12 levels, but got Miranda. I then had Charlie go up 20 levels, and still got Miranda. I then loaded the game and left Jack in his room with Charlie in the party, and let the game run for several hours before trying again. That time I got Charlie.

But time alone isn't enough. When getting Elena, I got her up about 7 levels and tried, but got Miranda. I then let the game run over night, with Jack in his room. When I tried in the morning, I still got Miranda, so time alone isn't enough. I had to get Elena up a few more levels before I got her on the date.

The Strategy Guide has a list of possible dates. Most are fairly straight forward, but a few of them are tricky, namely: Flau, Rynka, and Natalie. While Flau would be possible if you hadn't left Miranda in the party long enough to recruit Godwin, Rynka takes three days, and Natalie can't be recruited until after the battle at Lupus Gate, which is long after the Fireworks Date normally happens. Somebody claimed that Valkyrie was a possible fireworks date, but I have my doubts. I don't think you can get the fireworks date after Lupus Gate.

The trick to getting Flau, Rynka, (and maybe Natalie) lies in the fact that the fireworks happen at 10pm, and when Jack gets the letter, he comments that the fireworks are "tonight". So, only go past your mailbox between 10pm and midnight, and you can postpone the invitation to the fireworks past the day after Ganz's letter. Wait outside until 10pm, go in and save, and get back out before midnight. (You can actually go in as early as 9pm, When you are finally ready to trigger the invitation, you can go past your mailbox another time. I suggest that you go in between 10pm and midnight, save your game, and then sleep or leave after midnight to trigger the invitation. That way, if you mess up, you can reload the game and try again.

If you had Miranda in your party enough to recruit Godwin, you probably won't be able to get Flau or Rynka for the date. I had Flau and Rynka up tons of levels with huge HP increases, but I still got Miranda. I then played it another time where I didn't recruit Godwin, and was able to get them for the fireworks date. The other problem is that who invites Jack to the fireworks is calculated at the end of the Sewers mission, not when you get the invitation.

This means that for Flau, Rynka, and possibly Natalie, you need to get their affection level up quite a bit before you start the "Secret of the Sewers" mission. The only way you can do this is by talking to them a lot throughout the game. You will help if you ignore all the other women in the game.

I'm not sure that you can have Natalie at the fireworks. I postponed getting the invitation until after Lupus Gate, but then couldn't trigger the letter. Unless somebody has a bright idea, I'm guessing that she can't be recruited.

List of Fireworks Dates

Here is the date list from the Strategy Guide, along with my comments about the actual date. The programmers seem to like cloaks, large collars, lace, and long gloves. There are some clips on YouTube of some dates.

She has a sleeveless green dress with white lace and a green headband trimmed in lace, and long gloves.
She wears a black sleeveless dress with long gloves. She has a braid down her back, covered in black netting, even though she has a page-boy haircut.
She has a purple dress, and her hair is in a large bun wrapped with straps or coarse netting. She has a large smile with lots of lipstick.
He wears purple armor over a black/dark-blue shirt. He gives a brief smile.
She wears a red dress with black trim. She looks at Jack for quite some time, but with no trace of a smile.
She actually appears as Cornelia (even though the fireworks are during the night). She is wearing a tan dress with a large white collar and white apron, and a brown bow.
She has a black dress with a pink cape and large white collar. She gives Jack a quick smile, and looks at him for a while.
Remember to only leave your house between 9pm and midnight.
She has a blue dress with a white collar, and looks at Jack for a long time. If I didn't know it was her, I'm not sure I would have recognized her.
She has a light green dress with a white cape trimmed in green. Her hair is in pig tails.
She has a pink shirt and tan jumper, and is wearing a red and white cap with a pom-pom on the top. I didn't notice a smile when she looked at Jack.
She wears a black sleeveless dress with a purple boa-type collar. Iris looks at Jack, knits her eyebrows, and then her expression softens as she continues to look at him.
She has an orange striped top with a jean jumper. She doesn't really smile at Jack.
She has a tan jumper and white blouse. There wasn't much of a smile when she looked at Jack. She was one of the hardest ones to get. It took a lot more time and leveling up than most of the others.
She wears a white and blue top with the outline of a red skull and her midriff showing, plus a pair of blue shorts. She has red sunglasses on.
She has a peach colored dress with a large white collar. With all that lipstick, it was hard to tell if she was smiling at Jack or not.
She wears a white Chinese style top with black trim, and something white covering her ponytails. She looks at Jack for a long time and smiles.
She wears the same white gown she changes into before going to bed. If you've seen her near the lamp post around midnight, that is the outfit. Miranda looks at Jack for a long time.
She wears a long black evening dress with a fanny pack.
I can't figure out how Natalie could end up on the date, since you can't recruit her until after the battle at Lupus Gate, which is after the fireworks scene.
She wears her armor. She looks at Jack for a while, and then gives him a little smile.
Remember to only leave your house between 9pm and midnight. Recruiting her takes patience, since you have to wait several days before she joins. You can't sleep to hurry that along, since it will trigger the Lupus Gate fight, which will cause you to miss the fireworks altogether.
She wears a white peasant blouse with a black waist band and edging on the neck and sleeves, with a loose fitting chain belt, and one long black glove on her right hand. Her hair is loose with nothing on her head. She looks at Jack for a while, and a gives him a very small smile.
Like with Flau, if I didn't know it was her, I would never have recognized her.
She has on a white robe with a blue collar and a blue cap. She looks at Jack and smiles, raising her eyebrows.
She has on a white patterned blouse with a green jumper, a brown broach, and a green cap. She looks at Jack for quite a while and gives him a small smile.
She wears a pink top with a green dress and a purple belt. She looks at Jack and smiles for some time.


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[quiz] Radiata Quiz

In order to recruit Synellia, you have to answer three questions from the Radiata Quiz correctly. Which questions she asks are random. If you answer one wrong, you will have to wait until another day to take the quiz again.

Here is a list of the questions and answers that I know of. If you find any others, let me know.

What is the fourth region of Radiata?
Tria Region
(Jack is from the Tria Region)
What dish is the old lady from Tria region famous for?
(To recruit Dan you need to get the recipe from her.)
Who is the king of Radiata?
(You can see him in one or two cut scenes, and you can speak to him in the audience room on the human path)
Who is the captain of the Violet Chevre brigade?
(Violet Chevre is French for Purple Goat)
Who is the captain of Noir Mouton?
(Noir Mouton is French for Black Sheep)
How tall is Theater Vancoor?
Four stories
(They don't count the basements)
What kind of pet does Daniel have?
(Her name is Isabella, and you learn about her after the Crocogator Mission)
Who is the son of Theater Vancoor's Bruce?
(You can recruit Nick if you have Bruce in your party)
Who was the high priest of the Olacian Order?
(He is mainly in the chapel, but sometimes on the bridge over Jack's house)
What animal is the president of the Vareth Magic Institute?
An Owl
(You can see him if you take the escalator in the Vareth Institute)
Who wrote a book about Ether Transmission?
(He likes his hat)
What is the name of Rynka's son?
(He is in several cut scenes with Ganz)
What kind of hair does Pinky have?
(He is the "Charlie" of the Void Community)
What is the name of Nash's store?
General store
(You need to go there for cow medicine to recruit Tarkin, and mice medicine to recruit Eon.)


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[gotcha] Gotchas

This section is a collection of things to look out for when playing the game. There are a few things that, if you mess up, you can't fix. Hopefully this section will help you avoid the pain and agony of having to go through the entire game again to fix one mistake (like I did. ;^)

Don't read the Book of Fairies if you are taking the human path
You need that book to recruit Aldo. It is in a chest between the two houses west of the Septem Cave.
Don't sell the Rainbow Crystal if you are taking the non-human path
You will need it to recruit Row
Don't miss the letter from Nocture on the humans path
If you don't enter the Vampire Club and miss the letter from Nocturne, you will miss recruiting Gerald and Elwen.
Don't go into your house during the day
Unless, of course, you want to progress the game.
It is best to enter late at night and leave before dawn. Don't sleep, or that might progress the game.
Keep talking to Interlude until you recruit him
The first time through the game, I stopped talking after he mentioned working with me, but before he actually joined. I didn't realize this until the next iteration of the game during the non-human path.
Don't wait too long after Edgar tells you about the belt
Supposedly, if you wait too long, the waste basket might be emptied.
I don't know if this is true, but then again, I can't think of any reason to delay getting the belt.
Don't forget to visit the bridge
After you beat the mosters at the bridge, you want to stop out there every so often. Eventually they will ask you to get some plans for them.
If you miss this, you might not be able to recruit Elef, Hip, or Ryan.
Talk to Adele periodically
You can't recruit her if you don't speak to her every so often.
Make sure you recruited Keaton
Double check your friends list to make sure that Keaton is on there (assuming you wanted to recruit him.)
Don't talk to Giske if you have more than 5,000 gold
If you have that much, Giske will demand money from you, and you won't be able to recruit everyone.
And don't talk to Jarvis before you talk to Giske, since he might give you the money for his tab.
Hang on to the recruitment suit
Especially if you want to pick the non-human route.
It is also a pretty good armor, since it keeps healing you. (I wear it until I get the Absolute Armor.)


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[sites] External Resources

The following web sites might be of use:

The HTML version of this page. I think this is the best version to use because of hyper-links. It should also have the latest version of this file (except for the master copy on my PC.)
The gamefaqs FAQ/Walkthrough page for Radiata Stories. You can find a text version of this file there.
You can also find a number of maps (diagrams, actually) there, most of which have been submitted since I first wrote this FAQ. In most cases, this FAQ describes how to traverse the area, but some people prefer a picture to words, so these maps will be useful to them. Here are the maps I recommend looking at:
City of White Nights Map
This wasn't available when I first wrote this FAQ.
I haven't checked this map closely, but it appears to have all the major features. The only concern I have is that, although it lists sandfalls, it doesn't indicate where you end up if you get caught in one of them. In most cases, you drop down one level, but there are a couple where you fall down more than one.
If you get confused, try to locate either the healing spot or a trunk. Even if it is empty, you can use the trunk to figure out where you are. Also remember that any collapsable ladders you tried to use will be gone.
The Dragon Lair Map
The mazes to the dragons aren't complex, and you probably don't need a map. This map is more like a connection diagram; it is not to scale, so don't trust the length the length of the lines. It is handy just to keep track of where you are and avoid getting confused on the way to a dragon.
There is a mistake on the path to the Earth Dragon. One of the side passages actually goes the opposite way than as indicated on the map.
Another confusing point is in the path to the Water Dragon. When you enter the path that leads to the Dragon, there is another branch ahead and a little to the right. On the diagram, it is much further away, so it can confuse you a bit if you try to figure out where you are on the map by looking at the screen.
Distortion Corridor Part 1
This map covers the stair maze at the start of the Distortion Corridor. Unfortunately, it doesn't include any detail about the different screen at the end of this section. Like the above map, it isn't essential, but it handy to keep track of where you are.
Distortion Corridor Element Maze Map
This is a map of the elemental rooms, which is between the stair maze and the areas with the hidden doors. Again, nice to have, but not essential.
What is missing
What would be great is if somebody could create a map of the hidden doors section (Shrine of Fray). If you use my suggestions to head west until you find the Boundary Crest and then head east for the exit, you can get through the maze. But having a map to look at would be great.
This is an offshoot of Wikipedia that deals with strategy guides. I initialized this wiki with the material from this FAQ. I have not gone through and updated anything since that first time, however, so it is a bit out of date, unless somebody else has fixed it up.
This page lists several formulas and algorithms used within the game, including stats for all characters.
List of skills you can learn and which characters has them.
You can find a number of clips on YouTube about the game.
This is a nice wiki for Radiata Stories. I got some of the questions for the Radiata Quiz from here.
The site is a bit inconsistent (like some people are missing), but it has the schedules for some characters, so if you are having problems finding somebody, try there.
[email protected]
If you have questions and/or comments, you can e-mail me.
Make sure the subject contains "Radiata Stories", or it might get deleted as spam


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[tnx] Thanks and Credits

Thanks to the following, who helped with typos, corrections, omissions, suggestions, etc.
Pi Threeonefour
Sara Potter
Paul Metcalf
William Thomas Tran
Aaron Hill
Cam Dawson
Andrew Toth
escorpion milo
Rudy Herlambang
John E Warren
Niko Weilacher
Meera Khan
donald scharf
A Darkstar Ripclaw
Austin Stange
Alexander Hernandez
Ash Vanhite


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[history] Version History

Nov 2015 - 6.2 (Beta)
Minor changes from yet another time through the game.
July 2013 - Version 6.1
More about getting unlimited dumplings.
Some chests in the Dragon Lair will be refilled
19 July 2013 - Version 6.0
Added more details after yet another time through the game
Formatting changes to make all missions stand out
Added method to get unlimited dumplings.
Added more stores and how to get records
Oct 2012 - Version 5.4
Even more emails with suggestions and corrections/clarifications.
6 Oct 2012 - Version 5.3
Got a spate of emails with comments and suggestions for the FAQ.
2 Oct 2012 - Version 5.2
Corrected gender for Keane
Fixed initial recruiting example
12 Sep 2012 - Version 5.1
Clarified recruitment requirements for Fernando
3 Jan 2012 - Version 5.0
Major changes from playing the game again after about a year's hiatus. I still think it is a great game! Better than some of the newer ones.
Added lots of details, especially things I hadn't remembered from before, including the Radiata Quiz Questions. This probably introduced lots of typos, so please let me know if you find any.
Since you probably can't buy the Official Strategy Guide these days, added quiz answers and other details you will need.
22 July 2010 - Version 4.10
Added detail to Keaton's schedule.
17 Feb 2008 - Version 4.9
More details for non-human side
Created cross-references from Groups to FAQ for recruiting
1 Feb 2008 - Version 4.8
More on fireworks date, typos
30 Jan 2008 - Version 4.7
Added more details during yet another pass through the game. Filled in most of the fireworks date section.
2 December 2007 - Version 4.6
Typo, Fireworks date
12 Oct 2007 - Version 4.5
Added reference to web site that claims to know how the Fireworks date is chosen.
27 June 2007 - Version 4.4
Minor typos
Added list of recruitable characters for each group. (If you think you recruited everyone in a group, compare these lists with your friends list.)
11 Mar 2007 - Version 4.3
Changed Goyle to Golye (I must have had Harry Potter on the brain. ;^)
A few other minor changes
16 Jan 2007 - Version 4.2
Added "Gotchas" Section
15 December 2006 - Version 4.1
More corrections based on reader feedback
Added directions to find King's Toadstool
Corrected a number of typos and added some details
18 July 2006 - Version 4.0
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Added thanks/credits section and the Game Play / Battles section
Probably the last release for a while, unless people point out some mistakes. (But that's what I said for Version 2.0, too. ;^)
2006 - Version 3.2
Minor corrections based on feedback from readers.
Used walkthrough for strategy wiki
Fixed HTML errors.
19 Mar 2006 - Version 3.1
Tweaked HTML version
13 Feb 2006 - Version 3.0
General reformatting of page
11 Feb 2006 - Version 2.2
Added rest of missing characters (I hope)
10 Feb 2006 - Version 2.1
Added some missing characters (Morgan and Rolec), and some additional information.
23 Jan 2005 - Version 2.0
Added details for non-human side
Guide completed. Future changes will probably be limited to typos and clarifications, based on reader feedback.
I'm moving on to Wild Arms 4.
17 Jan 2005 - Version 1.5
Added details for Post Game
Added details for before split and beginning on non-human path
11 Jan 2005 - Version 1.4
Filled in some more details
Added content for the Fireworks Date section
Added content to Easter Eggs and Silly Things
Human path mostly complete at this point
7 Jan 2005 - Version 1.3
All recruitable characters listed in the proper order
Filled in details of story, tips, etc.
6 Jan 2005 - Version 1.2
Added more detail.
5 Jan 2005 - Version 1.1
Added some characters I missed
Added more recruiting details
Added section on skills
4 Jan 2005 - Version 1.0
Initial Release.
All recruitable characters are identified, and high-level outline included.


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