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Classes Taught by Bill Pringle at PSU GV

The following is PSU Great Valley's policy on Academic Integrity.

Academic integrity is the pursuit of scholarly activity free from fraud and deception and is an educational objective of this institution. Academic dishonesty includes, but is not limited to, cheating, plagiarism, fabricating of information or citations, facilitating acts of academic dishonesty by others, unauthorized possession of examinations, submitting work for another person or work previously used without informing the instructor, or tampering with academic work of other students.

Anyone covered under the American Disability Act is encouraged to contact Kathy Mingioni at 610-648-3315

Continuing Education

Programming Concepts

This class teaching programming concepts to people with no programming experience. Students are exposed to a variety of computer programming languages, and work in teams to produce a small program on their own.

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Course Syllabus

Graduate School

CSE465 - Data Structures & Algorithms

This class deals with various ways that data can be organized within computer programs. It also deals with various approaches to solving programming problems.

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CSE428 - Programming Language Concepts

This course helps you understand why there are so many programming languages. You can see the advantages and disadvantes of each, as well as what factors are involved in developing a new language. You will also learn how choosing a language affects the design and/or implementation of software.

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